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Visiting Grandparents in St Johnsbury

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 3/4/2024
Occurred: 6/1/1961
Posted: 1/13/2019
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Family portraits taken at my grandparents' apartment building.

After my dad died, my grandparents moved from Bloomfield, New Jersey, where they had lived forever, to St Johnsbury, Vermont, to be closer to us. They moved into a townhouse apartment in a small, four-unit building. Their landlady was Mrs Cox, a widow.

My grandparents' neighbors included the Millers, who had a very sweet dog that I loved to visit.

We often visited on Sundays, still dressed up from attending Mass; and usually used the occasion to take family photos.

Mary Joan, Mrs Cox, Mr Miller, Louise, Mrs Miller, Mom, Gramma, Paul, Aunt Edna

Aunt Edna, Mary Joan, Mom, Louise, Gramma, Paul

Louise, Mary Joan, Grampa, Paul

Gramma and Grampa

The neighbors across the street, the Twombleys, had a double lot; the lot next to their house was used as a giant garden of which they were very proud.