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In The Abode Of Angels

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 10/18/2021
Posted: 10/11/2015
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All about my novel: What it's about, why I wrote it and where to buy it.
In The Abode Of Angels

When Joshua's fiancée sacrificed herself to save a world, he thought that was the end of her. Instead, she brought him the secret of immortality. Can he free mankind of the fear of death before those who profit by that fear find a way to silence him?

In 2082, climate changes have decimated the world's human population. All world governments are now puppets of UniCorp, the single world-wide corporation that now runs everything and is the only legal seller of everything, from life insurance to sippy cups to pornography. "Ramos Tunnels", stable wormholes to other planets, are used by UniCorp to locate other populated planets, and turn them into "customers"—whether they wish it or not. This scheme has worked for years, but now, as young linguist Joshua Best discovers, one planetary population cannot be coerced, because they do not fear death. UniCorp intends to destroy the planet entirely before their subversive message can reach any more of UniCorp's customers, leaving only Joshua, his best friend Dave and his girlfriend, Emmaline, to find a way to save a world of innocents from utter annihilation.

A Brief Future History

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #InTheAbodeOfAngels Page Views: 1802
All about the world of the story of 'In The Abode Of Angels'.

In The Abode Of Angels takes place in the year 2082, and it's based on the premise that the following events happened, which places it on a world that could have been ours had just one, seemingly small, event in 2008 played out differently.

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Sample Chapter

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #InTheAbodeOfAngels Page Views: 1778
Chapter 1 of 'In The Abode Of Angels'.

The wheels of the commuter train clacked against the rails, but Joshua Best couldn't hear them. Endless rows of strip malls and shopping centers unreeled past the windows, and Joshua's fiancée stood directly in front of him; but his eyes saw neither stores nor Emmaline. Instead, the sounds of neo-swing filled his ears with music, and before his eyes images of news tickers, his favorite sit-com, an instant text message from Emmaline, and the name of the next stop of the train hung suspended in the air before him, all courtesy of his Visor. Thus distracted, he never noticed the face of the man who intended to kill him.

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