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Occurred: 12/13/1999
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Paul and Michael's visit to the Oberon Valley, 1999

Let It Snow!

December 13, 1999

The ride through Italy was long but we slept through it. The next day found us traveling again through Switzerland…but what a difference from just a week earlier! Of course, this time we were traveling through the Oberon Valley, the part of Switzerland that "looks" Swiss. Even so, though we began to realize that there must have been quite a snowfall in the previous day or so (which, it turned out, there had been).

We didn't mind, though. It wasn't cold in the train; there was no danger of skidding as there might have been in a bus or a car, and the views out the window were, simply, living postcards.

That evening, after having crossed the bulk of Europe, we found ourselves in Brussels.