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Travels in North America.
North America

It's obviously easier to visit a place you can drive to. Or fly to. Or take a cruise ship to.

Here are some of my favorite places around North America...

United States of America

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All the places in this wonderful country to which I've been.

What's my favorite country? Why, this one, of course. The good old US of A. But it's not my favorite in a jingoistic sense. I've been to a number of other countries, and they were awesome to visit. But only this one is home.

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All about my trips to the Great White North.

I love visiting Canada. It's a little too cold for me to want to live there, but I love visiting.

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All about my trips to Mexico.

Mexico is a fun place to visit, mostly because, unlike most of Canada and anywhere in the USA, Mexico feels foreign, mostly because of the language difference but also the distinctive clothes, buildings and art.

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