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A little piece of Heaven on an island in the sea.

Property has been selected. It is approximately 28 acres just northwest of the town of Hana on the Maui Coast.

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For perspective, here's a map of Maui, showing where Hana is located, as well as the airport in Kahului.

The property is part of a larger block of land that is being broken up. That land was, and is still, called Hana Plantation. Through the years it's been whittled down (it once included the town of Hana, itself). We have purchased Lots D and E.

This property is remote; indeed, it was affordable only because it is off the grid (except for electricity). Yet, it isn't far from a state park and just a few miles from the town of Hana. At purchase time there are no buildings on the property. There is a well, and the property is fenced and being leased to graze cattle.

The Archeological Study is important information as it gives the actual history of the property. It is good to know so that we and all living there know the respects and homage to pay. (Very important in Hawaii and especially in Hana!) This is a sacred area.

As of this posting, it is my understanding that there is a well on the property. I don't think the water has been tested but, if not, I don't think those tests are expensive. They're probably done at the local agricultural extension of the University of Hawaii.