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Posted: 5/9/2019
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Keith and I take a trip to Maui, Hawaii.

Maui is the most romantic place I've ever been to. Not that I've had a lot of chance to be romantic there, as the first trip I made, I made solo; the second was with my boyfriend of the time (and foreshadowed the end of our relationship); the third was for my daughter's wedding.

This time is different. It's for my dear husband Keith's birthday, and is doubling as our delayed honeymoon. And I have every intention of being romantic on it!

Flying to Maui

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 6/6/2019
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As our adventure begins, we fly to Hawaii, rent a camper, and head for the volcano.

Today, the first day of Keith's Birthday Trip to Maui, began with last-minute packing and a trip to the airport! Our friend, Michael, drove us to the American Airlines terminal at Phoenix's Sky Harbor, and we were off!

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Haleakalā from Top to Bottom

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 6/7/2018
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From a high altitude grove to the summit, ziplining, navigating the Road to Hana and camping at sea level…all in one day!

Hawaii's Mount Haleakalā makes up 75% of the island of Maui and is 10,023 feet high. In Hawaiian, it's name means "House of the Sun"; in today's world, it houses Haleakalā National Park, which extends to the summit at one end, and to the sea on the other. In between are fantastic views, wild changes in temperature, hiking, ziplining, road trips and more. And we did most of them in one day.

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Upcountry Maui

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 6/8/2019
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From lavender to cows, Maui's upcountry is just full of surprises.

Today's drive took us from Maui's southern shore, along the sparsely-populated southern highway and upslope to Haleakala's Upcountry area, followed by a quick dash to the other end of Maui for the night.

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Relaxing at Papalaua Beach Park

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 6/9/2019
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An unexpected change of plans left us relaxing in the sun and shade at a beach.

Since today was originally to be spent hiking and relaxing at Polipoli Springs State Park, we decided to do pretty much the same thing at the beach park where we actually ended up. However, we also needed to make a run for supplies. So we headed to Kahului for that, but then came right back. Because…beach!

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Snorkeling Molokini

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 6/10/2019
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Snorkeling the reef off Molokini

Keith has never been snorkeling. That is a state that ended, today, as we boarded the Four Winds at Maalaea and headed for a couple of hours of snorkeling in the reef of the small island Molokini.

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Iao Valley, a Mall, a Lost Key, and a Luau

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 6/11/2019
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Hiking and eating, Hawaiian-style.

Today's itinerary included a hike to an historical Hawaiian battle site; lunch at a mall devoted to a Hawaiian queen; a float in the ocean that nearly ended in disaster, and a luau.

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West Maui

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 6/12/2019
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Following West Maui's Coast

West Maui is a lot less populated, and, indeed, busy, than Maui's Eastern half. But it's where one can see spectacular scenery, see an ocean blowhole, and eat the World's Best Banana Bread. So, let's get started!

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Farewell, Maui

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 6/13/2019
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Our last chance to see anything we missed before flying home.

The best vacations are the ones from which one cannot wait to return home!

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