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Occurred: 6/13/2019
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Our last chance to see anything we missed before flying home.
Travel Day 8
Starting Point Camp Olowalu
Via Kahului
Ending Point Mesa, Arizona
Miles Covered 18.4 (car)
2845 (jet)

The best vacations are the ones from which one cannot wait to return home!

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And I know this will be one of those, because I can not wait to get home.

And yet…it's going to be so difficult to leave this place.

Our flight didn't leave until 9:30 PM, meaning we needed to get to the airport by about 7:30 PM; which meant we were in no rush this morning. Still, we had to repack for the flight.

Curious little honeycreepers, endemic to the Hawaiian islands, kept dropping by to check on us.

Once packed, and since we still had time, we made a final visit to our private little beach.

We dropped off the camper without incident (I'll receive a bill via email for anything the insurance doesn't cover, including the key I lost). The wait in the airport wasn't so bad because we had decided to eat dinner there to help pass the time. Then we boarded…took off&hellp;and looked back with longing.

It was an overnight flight, and I actually slept through most of it, awakening just in time to get some dawn-from-the-airplane shots.

We arrived ahead of schedule, around 5:45 AM. Michael picked us up, we got home, and crashed.

And dreamt of going back.