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Following West Maui's Coast
Travel Day 7
Starting Point Camp Oluwalu
Via Nakalele Blowhole
Via Julia's Best Banana Bread
Via Long's Drugs
Ending Point Camp Oluwalu
Miles Covered 62

West Maui is a lot less populated, and, indeed, busy, than Maui's Eastern half. But it's where one can see spectacular scenery, see an ocean blowhole, and eat the World's Best Banana Bread. So, let's get started!

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We were awakened by the sound of chickens clucking around our camper. There are lots of feral chickens living here, and other birds with completely unique calls.

Most of the trees bloom.

But after breakfast, and after signing up for yet another night at Camp Olowalu (as Keith really liked the hot showers), we set out to follow the West Maui coast.

As we followed the coast, the island of Molokai came into view. Once the infamous leper colony, it is now considered the place to visit if you want to see what Hawaii was like a half century ago.

We stopped to get a photo of the Nakelele Blowhole. We could see where a bunch of people were gathered, but not knowing exactly what the blowhole looks like, it was hard to find.

So we decided to hike down a little further.

Finally, we got close enough to see the blowhole, both holing and blowing.

Having gotten a picture of the blowhole blowing, we continued on our way to our next stop: Julia's World's Best Banana Bread.

The sign isn't kidding. This is really is the best banana bread! And Julia is a dear. They only take cash, a loaf of the bread is $8 and I only had $7 on me…so she sold it to me for $7.

We followed the road back to Kahului, making a quick supply stop at Long's Drugs, and then returned on around to Camp Oluwalu for the sunset and night.