By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 2/18/2020
Posted: 5/19/2011
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Jason's and my last day in Maui and our return home.

Today is the day Jason and I left Maui.

We awoke in our camper at Papalaua Park, where we'd spent three nights in a row…at no cost. I woke up first, visited the porta-john, and returned to find Jason still sleeping.

Jason sleeping.

I had to wake him because we had a deadline to return our camper, in order to catch our shuttle and make it to the airport in time.

We got dressed and packed up our stuff, then drove to Kihei where the camper place is. On the way we stopped at a Denny's near the beach, with outdoor seating on their second-floor balcony. (In Maui, even the Denny's are fancier!)

Returning the camper went without incident, but our shuttle wasn't there on time. I called, and they promised it would be there within ten minutes. Ten minutes later, and they promised another ten minutes…or maybe twenty. Finally, 45 minutes late, the shuttle picked us up. Fortunately, it was only a fifteen-minute trip to the airport in Kahului.

We spotted another example of Maui's spasmodic need to provide warning signs for every conceivable mishap at the airport as we lined up to go through security.

Do not place children on the table.

Finally we boarded the plane and settled in for our 8-hour flight to Los Angeles (to be followed by a shorter flight to Phoenix). We tried to sleep, but instead kept reviewing the photos we'd taken with the digital camera.

We were on the way home, but were still talking about someday moving to Maui.

Would that happen? Or was Jason's anxiety, increasing in frequency and intensity, get in the way of that?