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My favorite part of south Florida.

In 1972, my then-wife Mary and our infant daughter, Dottie, along with our friends Dick and Brenda, made what was to be the first of many trips to Key West. We drove from Fort Lauderdale. It was a terrific time, but we took no photos of that trip. I never made that mistake again!

Since then, I've taken my Mom; my daughter, Jennifer, a couple of boyfriends, a couple of husbands, and gone solo. I think it's safe to say I now know Key West pretty well.

A Week In Key West

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All our adventures of the week my daughter Karen was married.

Keith and I went to the Florida Keys last April, as a birthday gift. I love the Keys and have been there many times, though this was Keith's first visit. Keith loved the Keys as well, but truly I imagined I'd never be back. However, when my daughter, Karen, suddenly pushed her wedding date to the end of January, and changed the location from the Northeast to Key West…well, we were on our way!

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Key West Boating

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All the photos from our boating trip from Key West to Boca Grande.

Key West is an island, and a pretty small one at that. So the residents and visitors spend a lot of time on the water; and, as a new resident, my daughter, Jenny has a boat but very little boat experience. So she found a local captain to show her the ropes, so to speak; and today we made a two-boat expedition to Boca Grande, an even smaller islet due west of Key West.

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Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

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We take the babies to visit a butterfly museum and the beach.

Today we had a very full day-with-the-babies. We started with a visit to a Butterfly zoo, and finished with a visit to the beach.

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A Peaceful Key West Birthday Vacation

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Posted: 4/18/2019
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For the second time, my daughter sent me to Key West. Do you think she's trying to tell me something?

In 2016, my daughter, Jennifer, sent me and Keith cross-country to Key West. It was an awesome trip, but exhausting. Since then, Jenny has bought a vacation home there, which she usually rents out but she reserves the month of April for her own use. This year, things piled up and she was unable to go. But rather than waste the unrented house, she sent Keith and I there, again, as a birthday present.

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