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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind

It hardly seemed possible: After a week in Key West (the longest consecutive time I'd spent here), it was time to go home.

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Since we didn't have to leave for the airport until 1:30 PM or so, I spent a little time with Gianna so she could play outside her condo.

She was having one of her moods and started by simply sitting on a rock, until she realized I wasn't going to fuss over her doing that.

So she climbed up onto a golf cart, and then we set out to walk around the complex.

Some clouds were building up but there wasn't any wind and the sea was like glass; so I had hopes we'd enjoy good flying weather.

Finally at the airport, and we boarded the flight—only to be told, minutes after we'd buckled in, that the air conditioner wasn't working. We had to get off. Two hours later, they put us on a different flight that was leaving for Charlotte before ours (which was scheduled earlier).

We made our connection in Charlotte and finally flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor after 10:33 PM…and then had to wait for Michael to arrive, about a half hour after us.

We'd spent 12 consecutive hours in airports and airplanes.

John picked us up and took us to Michael's, where my car was. We then drove home and, very gratefully, retired.

The perfect vacation is one in which one is as grateful to return home as one was to leave.

This was the perfect vacation.