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The reason for this trip to Key West: My daughter Karen's wedding.
Rob & Karen

The whole purpose of this trip, remember, was to attend the wedding of my daughter, Karen. So, as much fun as we'd been having, it was all preliminary to The Main Event.

Because of the number of photos taken, it wouldn't be appropriate to present them all here in the Travel section of my website. If you wish to see every single one—and who wouldn't?—feel free to click directly to my Karen section or to her full wedding page.

However, it is appropriate to include a few of the wedding's very best moments:

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The wedding was held at the home of Chip Simpson, Rob's dad. The house, beautifully restored and decorated, was actually built in the 1870s.

Lots to eat!

Rob greets Nycole

Kristen greets Ben

What a beautiful gown! What a beautiful bride!

And now it's time to begin the walking my daughter down the, er, porch.

Rob's mom, Snow, officiated.

"With this ring..."

Showing off the rings...

Betsy and David

Karen and Ben

Karen and Dawn


Rob's cousin Tom.

Karen, me, Rob, Snow


Connie, Chip, Patty, Ben, Snow, Rob, Karen, Sharley

John, Michael, Ben, Jenny, Rob, Karen, Zach, me, Dominic, Keith

Clockwise from left: Sharley, David, Betsy, Connie, 'Little' Rob, Thomas, Snow

Maid-of-honor Jenny and Gianna cooling off.

Chip then proceeded to tell us how proud he was of his son, and how happy he was to welcome Karen into the family.

Tossing the bouquet

Tossing the garter

Next to be wed?!

Keith enjoying the breeze.

Chip, Rob, Sharley, Ben

Rob, Michael, me, Chip, Ben, Zach, Karen, John

Dawn and Snow

Karen and Nycole

Snow, Betsy, Dawn, Kristen, Connie, Karen, Nycole, Sharley, Patty

John and Karen

John and Rob

Zach and 'Little' Rob talk music.

The happy couple.