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How Keith and I flew from Phoenix to Key West for my daughter Karen's wedding.
Key West from the Air

This was the day that Keith and I flew 2,508 miles to attend my daughter Karen's wedding. It was also the first time Keith and I had flown together. (Though we only flew the first segment actually in adjacent seats.)

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Originally, I was supposed to come down just before the wedding, leaving on the 24th. But better tickets showed up, leaving on the 20th, which would give us four extra days in Margaritaville. We couldn't turn that down! —Even though that meant Keith and I would leave earlier than Karen's other step-dad (and my ex), Michael, who had gone to the effort of matching his ticket to the one I had originally.

We had a brief layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. Luckily, the severe storm system that would spawn dozens of tornados and kill over 18 people had not yet manifested.

Keith and I were on opposite sides of the jet on this leg. (We sat together from Phoenix to Charlotte.) On my side, I could see Florida's Gulf coast; while Keith could see the Atlantic side.

We arrived at Key West International Airport just before 10 PM. (I tried but failed to find any actual international flights taking off or landing there; but I guess hope springs eternal—especially now that they have a new parking garage.)

Our accommodations, Sunrise at Seaside, are adjacent to the airport. When I called to say we'd arrived and asked for directions, I was told we could see the place from the airport—but would have to cross the runway to get to it, which, of course, is illegal. Plus we'd have to climb a fence with our luggage. A legal route would be a little more than a mile, so we took a taxi. I was expecting it to cost about $8 but it was $17.50. Still, that should be our only taxi ride since we are planning to rent a scooter for the remainder of our trip.

Sunrise at Seaside is a building full of condos, and I don't think they are all have the same owners. The taxi dropped us off at the main office, which was closed; it took a bit of wandering and a couple of phone calls to the landlord before we found the right building. We were assigned to #401, a two bedroom, two full bath apartment. (Michael will get the second bedroom when he arrives.) We were pretty zonked by this point, and went to bed as soon as we'd unpacked, not even trying to watch any TV.

In the morning, we would be meeting up with my daughter Jenny and her family, who arrived first. Karen and Rob, the happy couple, will be be arriving Monday; Michael will arrive Tuesday.