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Occurred: 6/21/2018
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We make a quick photo op stop in Beverly Hills.

Today's adventure was supposed to be a sightseeing trip to Beverly Hills. We did go, but didn't see many sights.

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Today's excitement began before the fog lifted. Dominic ran onto the porch where I was having my frapuccino, pointing at this guy commuting to work in his motorized hang glider.

Apparently, he's been flying by each weekday. I watched, and it appeared he was heading for Pepperdine University. What a cool professor to have would this person be!

Today's destination was Beverly Hills, where Zach wanted to buy a shirt or something. We didn't make it to any of the touristy spots, as we got a late start (the kids don't wake from their naps until 2-ish).

But that's okay. Gianna and Dominic were at least as happy to run around random park benches, as they would have been to see the footprints of celebrities in front of Grauman's Chinese.

We grabbed grabbed a little something to eat in an outdoor restaurant. How Beverly Hills can one get?

As we walked down this outdoor shopping mall, Jenny decided to get a model photo to add to Zach's portfolio (he's done modeling, in addition to all his other talents).

On our return to Malibu, we got to see the fog (which never did clear) pouring over the Santa Monica mountains.