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We spend a day at a (perhaps) typical private, commercialized California Beach.

My daughter, Jenny, in researching a Malibu vacation, noted a private (commercial) beach near her rental, called Paradise Cove. In trying to explain it to Gianna, Jenny mentioned that there would be chairs we could sit on. Well, that reminded Gianna of the rental chairs and umbrellas on the beach at Key West where she has been. So that was it: We had to go to Paradise Cove to sit on the chairs.

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I learned from Keith that not everyone in the country has the custom of festooning toilet paper over someone's home as a gag; he did not know that it's called "TP-ing a house", thus making this picture a visual pun.

When I woke up, though, first things first: I had to go to the bathroom. And in the condo's guest bathroom, framed above the toilet, was this awesome piece of art that made me chuckle everytime I saw it. What a great start to a day!

When I got to the living area, I found Dominic throwing himself on still-sleepy Uncle John, while Gianna was busy washing one of the floor-length mirrors.

Since we were not to go to Paradise Cove until after the kids' naps (usually ending about 2 pm), we took the little ones down to our own beach for a little playtime.

Gianna still didn't want to touch the sand with her bare feet.

As usual, I couldn't keep my eyes off the surf. I used to live in a Florida beach town; was a lifeguard, in fact. I love the desert in which I now live, but I do miss the ocean.

Cleaning up time, post-beach, pre-nap.

The kids woke on time and we all piled into Jenny's Escalade for another cramped but fun trip, this time, to Paradise Cove.

Incidentally, this happens to be the exact spot in which the Beach Boys took the photo for one of their iconic, early albums. Of course, that was before Paradise Cove had gone to the Dark Side of commercialism.

Now, 55 years later, the beach is jammed with private enclosures, chairs and umbrellas, people, and seagulls.

Thinking an enclosure would help keep the little ones contained, that's what Jenny rented. Although not cheap, considering the number of chairs we'd have to rent, and also that the expensive parking was free with the enclosure, she decided that would be the better deal.

The enclosure was very roomy; it included an ice chest filled with ice, and even beach toys for the kids.

It was nice to feel we had privacy even while being at a very public, and very crowded, beach.

Of course, we didn't stay in the enclosure, though Gianna was perfectly happy there.

As might be expected at a busy beach where food is eaten (there's an on-premises restaurant with beach-side delivery), the seagulls are also busy. And aggressive, as Dominic discovered when one flew down and made off with a beakful of French fries.

Annoying as they might be, however, seagulls—especially in flight—are pretty spectacular.

Just offshore, the beach was also being enjoyed by the occupants of the yacht moored there. I don't know who they were, but somebody does; a drone made several trips from the shore to the boat.

John and Zach explore the cliff that borders the south end of the beach.

Lunch was very tasty (just ask the seagull that stole Dominic's fries!).

John found a spot in which to sunbathe.

Your devoted author.

Keith and I took a stroll toward the pier and beyond, where I let myself get carried away photographing the breakers.

Zach didn't ride to Paradise Cove with us; instead he kayaked, about a 2-mile trip. Against both wind and water currents.

I have a feeling Dominic will be kayaking before long.

As the sun sank beneath the cliffs and the air cooled further, we decided to head back home. Zach didn't want to paddle back so I stayed with the kayak while the rest returned to the condo to get John's Jeep to transport it. Meanwhile I took pics of some of the gorgeous flowers that festoon Paradise Cove.

Then home; kids in bed; a final hour or so spent looking at the moon and listening to the surf, and then bed before another day's adventures!