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About our (admittedly, uneventful) drive to Malibu and the beautiful vacation condo we drove to.

Everyone was invited (including Michael and my son, John) but Michael couldn't make it as he had other commitments. Jenny and the babies flew out; my grandson, Zach, chose to drive, as did my son, John. And Keith and I drove as well.

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It was overcast when we left around 1 PM. We intended to leave earlier (of course; we always do!) but had to make a detour to Zach's house in Chandler—the opposite direction—to pick up a computer charger he'd forgotten. But soon we were on the road.

Keith Jim

I've lived in Arizona since 1997, and I have never seen it so dry.

Keith Jim

It was looking nicer by the time we got to Whitewater rest area, just west of Palm Springs.

The place Jenny rented is right on California's Pacific Coast Highway. It's one condo of four. We had to drive several miles past it because there was a divider on the highway and that was the first place Google Maps found to turn around. (I found a closer spot the next day.) We got there at night; this photo was taken during the day.

We parked in the built-in garage and went up to the first floor, where we were greeted by terra cotta warriors from China. (I assume they are not the priceless originals.)

Actually, although the condo is wall-to-wall windows, since we arrived at night we couldn't see much. But right in back, below a section of the back porch, was a huge outcropping over which the waves were breaking. Loudly. (Which is a plus; I love the sound of crashing surf.)