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All about the Sedona energy vortexes and what they mean.

Approximately 260 million years ago, during the Permian Period, the geographic area currently known as Sedona, Arizona, was at the bottom of a shallow sea, where layer after layer of iron-rich sandstone was laid down. The sandstone, known today as the Schnebly Hill Formation, was later eroded when the land rose above the sea into the fantasic shapes one sees today in the brilliant red-and-orange Sedona rock formations. But, more than that, some of the formations extend so deeply into the Earth that they conduct subtle energies to the surface, where people can use them for healing and/or spiritual development.

The people of Sedona have settled on "vortexes" as the plural of "vortex", rather than the alternative "vortices".

Four major vortexes have been identified in the Sedona region: Airport Saddle, Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, and Bell Rock. The subtle energy that exists at these locations interacts with each person's inner self. The energy resonates with and strengthens the Inner Being of each person that comes within about a quarter to a half mile of it. This resonance happens because the vortex energy is very similar to the subtle energy operating in the energy centers inside each person. If you are at all a sensitive person, it is easy to feel the energy at these vortexes. But, even if you are as sensitive as a cement block, you are likely to react to these energies by simply feeling terrific.

Please enjoy these photos and stories of my various trips to these awesome miracles of nature.

Airport Mesa Vortex

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The most healing of Sedona's energy vortexes is located near the aiport.

Airport Mesa Vortex is one of the most visited of the Sedona vortex sites because of its proximity to the center of town. Plus it is very accessible. Getting to the top—not very much higher than the parking area—does involve some vertical hiking and it is not for everyone, but the views from the top are stupendous in all directions. You will see fine examples of twisted trees and many people claim to see colored orbs. This is truly one of Sedona�s energy centers and will give you the vortex experience you are looking for. However, the price you pay visiting this vortex (besides the required Red Rocks Parking Pass) is that it is very popular and one is seldom able to be alone. If you can get to Airport Mesa at sunrise, it is far less crowded.

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Bell Rock

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All about the Bell Rock vortex in Sedona, Arizona.

Bell Rock is one of Sedona's most known Vortex Meditation sites. It is an Upflow area (also referred to as Electric or Masculine) that is best for serenity and solving problems from a higher (spiritual) perspective. For decades seekers from around the world have used Bell Rock for comtemplative reflection and inspiration.

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Cathedral Rock and Red Rock Crossing

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All about the Cathedral Rock vortex in Sedona, Arizona.

Of Sedona's four energy vortexes, my second favorite is Cathedral Rock. And even then, it's not for the energy (which some describe as "harsh") but for the swimming opportunities at Red Rock Crossing, located at Cathedral Rock's base. But, regardless of why one might visit, one is sure to enjoy the experience!

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