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All the photos from Keith's and my short visit to Sedona's Back-o-Beyond and (Cathedral Rock).

This page continues the trip that began with a visit to Airport Saddle Vortex.

Our second stop on today's Sedona day trip was to the back side of Cathedral Rock. Because of the formation's symmetry, it is still recognizable from the back. But much less crowded!

There's a parking lot on Back-O-Beyond Road that requires a Red Rock Parking Pass (small fee, currently $5). However, when we got there, the lot was completely full. (Well, it was a Sunday.) We drove past that and found a number of cars parked alongside the dead end road, including several in a dry wash. The cars around us did not have parking permits, and a local I spoke with said the area past the parking lot was not patrolled. So that's where we parked.

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We started our exploration by strolling a few dozen meters down the wash. The red rocks and soil here are almost unbelievably intense.

Iron in the rocks gives them the deep red color.

Iron in the rocks gives them the deep red color.

We then turned around and headed for the trail to Cathedral Rock. We didn't intend to do any actual climbing; we just wanted to get close enough for a couple of decent photos.

We had to cross another wash to get closer.

This close, we could definitely feel the energy.

We stopped for dinner on our way out of town. We ate at Maria's Restaurant, a locally-owned business with a sense of humor, as displayed in the men's room. Sedona businesses are definitely "into" the whole Sedona/Vortex thing.

At our usual stop at Sunset Rest Area, we actually were there in time for the sunset!