By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 12/5/2019
Occurred: 10/3/2018
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Today we took Danish friends to experience Sedona's Airport Vortex

We have visitors from Denmark: Michael's nephew, Allan, and Allan's besties Jakob and Iben. As Keith and I love showing off our beloved Arizona, we happily participated in touring my favorite sites in the state, including Sedona's Airport Vortex.

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By the time we'd eaten and got to Airport Vortex, the sun was already setting, and some people were in a hurry to leave, though there was a lady with a Tibetan singing bowl.

Iben, Jakob and Allan seemed to enjoy the vortex's healing energy.

Finally, under lowering skies, we made it off the rock, ready for the next stage of our adventure.

We heard that the Oak Creek Canyon road had washed out due to the rain. So we backtracked through the Village of Oak Creek where we had dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant, then continued on to Flagstaff to spend the night in a motel.

In the morning, we continued on to Grand Canyon.