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All about my visits to the White Tank Mountain Regional Park, including lots of photos.
The White Tank Mountains

Residents call the Greater Phoenix area the Valley of the Sun, but it isn't a real valley.

A real valley is carved by a river. That never happened here, but the Valley of the Sun is defined by mountain ranges nonetheless. The mountains to the West of Phoenix are called the White Tanks (or White Tank Mountains, if one is speaking formally).

This depression in white granite is a tank.

Phoenix has more square miles per capita devoted to parks than any other municipality, and almost 46 of them comprise the White Tank Mountain Regional Park which, despite the name, contains most of the White Tank mountains.

By the way, a "tank" is any depression in the ground deep enough to catch and hold water after a rain. The White Tanks are relatively new mountains, about 30 million years old, composed of a white granite. And since the mountains are new, they are spectacularly rugged so there are many of these depressions, giving the White Tanks their name.

With more than 26 miles of hiking trails, horseback riding, camping and picnicking, White Tank Mountain Regional Park is far enough from the city to enjoy dark, star-studded night skies, yet close enough for an afternoon's hike.

The park admission is $6 per carload. There's no charge to visit the park museum/gift shop.

Waterfall Trail with Keith

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 10/31/2015
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All the photos from today's hike in White Tank Mountain Regional Park.

Since, by some miracle, I had a little money left over this month—even after buying little boxes of raisins to give out for Halloween—I talked Keith into taking a little drive West to the White Tank Mountain Regional Park, where I hoped to take him on his first hike along Waterfall Trail.

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