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Occurred: 9/27/2013
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Keith and I take sunset shots for his film class.

For an upcoming assignment, my friend Keith needed some sunset photos and suggested that we run up to Canyon Lake in the Superstition Mountains to take them. Did he have to twist my arm? Not hardly!

Because our previous effort to get the sunset photos closer to home had failed, due to our arriving as the sun was actually dipping below the horizon, we made sure to arrive early. Also, Keith wanted to get a video of the "big ants" we had found on an earlier trip. So we drove past Tortilla Flat (stopping to enjoy their unique Prickly Pear ice cream!) to the scenic overlook at the top of Fish Creek Canyon and took out our respective cameras.

Although there are a lot of ocotillo growing at this spot, they are not blooming, as some are at lower elevations. Still, I love their gentle curves.

And their limbs are certainly chock-full of leaves! (Which fall off during the winter.)

There's also no shortage of ancient saguaros.

In general, Keith and I followed our owns paths, photographing whatever struck our interests. Keith found and videoed the ants.

We then returned, back through Tortilla Flat, heading for Canyon Lake to get the first photos as the sun began its descent. Already the sun had fallen behind some of the higher peaks.

We pulled into the parking lot for Boulder Recreation Site, at the narrow top of the lake, where reeds grow and waterfowl gather.

The water was surprisingly clear, for lake water, as demonstrated by this amazing, unearthly shot.

On the way back to the car, Keith spotted a tarantula crossing the pavement.

The lowering sun was now gilding the canyon walls.

I spotted an outcropping just east of the lake that I thought would provide a better view of the sun setting. I was hoping we could hike far enough to be able to catch the sun's reflection in the lake. So we hiked, and for sure there was much to photograph; but the trail didn't extend quite far enough for the sun to be directly in line with the water.

Still, we were in a pretty awesome location for the event; and Keith set up his video camera.

Keith seemed satisfied with the location.

Presently, the sun did, indeed, fall behind the mountains. As it reddened, it cast a crimson glow on the cliffs to the east.

And then, finally, the moment we'd waited for…

In truth, not the most spectacular sunset I've ever seen. Still, there never was an ugly sunset and this one was breathtaking despite itself.

A day doesn't pass that I don't feel privileged to live in such a beautiful place!