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All about my adventures on Pine Loop Trail, along Arizona's Bee Line Highway.

30 Minutes From Phoenix

Pine Loop Trail

If you'd like to take a stroll among some giant Saguaro cactus and have an afternoon to spend doing it, you can't go wrong with Pine Loop Trail. Located just off state highway 87 (the "Beeline"), just north of Phoenix/Mesa, the trail starts at the Ballantine Trail parking lot. The Ballantine Trail, itself, starts at the other side of the hill, at the far end of Pine Loop Trail, 1½ miles in either direction. But Pine Loop Trail is, itself, a pleasant diversion.

Pine Loop Trail With Carol And Chelsea

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 4/1/2001
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How I showed off a saguaro forest to astonished visitors from Long Island.

Michael and I visited Pine Loop Trail with our friends Carol and her granddaughter, Chelsea. My Mom came along for the trip, proving that Pine Loop Trail is fun for the whole family—even the 89-year-olds!

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Pine Loop Trail At Night

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Time exposure photos of the saguaros at night.

Pine Loop Trail at night takes on a whole other meaning. It's far enough from Phoenix that the night sky is unpolluted by the lights of any city. The constellations are hard to make out because they are drowned by the light of the lesser stars.

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