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How I showed off a saguaro forest to astonished visitors from Long Island.
Michael, Carol, Mom, and Chelsea

Michael and I visited Pine Loop Trail with our friends Carol and her granddaughter, Chelsea. My Mom came along for the trip, proving that Pine Loop Trail is fun for the whole family—even the 89-year-olds!

Carol and Chelsea, visiting from New York (Carol lives on Long Island and Chelsea lives in Manhattan), gave us the always welcome chance to "show off" our beautiful state.

Chelsea stops to smell the flowers Cactus Blossoms

At the beginning of April, when we visited, the cacti were just starting to bloom and the wildflowers were everywhere.

Chelsea, Carol, and two very tall Saguaro

Who would guess, from driving by them in a car, that these prickly giants are so large?

Michael and Carol Carol and Paul

How we love the friends who make it possible for us to enjoy Arizona all the more, by showing it to them!


Chelsea found every flower and rock fascinating, and helped us to see this beauty through the eyes of a very intelligent nine-year-old.

MomIt's also a joy to be able to share this with my Mom, who spends the summers with us here in Arizona, and the winters with my sister in Florida. (That arrangement made more sense when we lived in New Hampshire!)

She will be celebrating her 89th birthday this June, and we are so grateful she can still find time to enjoy the great outdoors with us.

Pine Loop Trail is definitely a stroll worth taking if you want to spend time with the Saguaros, and especially enjoyable if you can do it with friends and family.