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Occurred: 8/22/2004
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All about the last day of the trip Michael and I took Mom on to the last of the'48 states' she hadn't yet visited.
Day 6

We took Mom to Mass at a lovely church in Ogden, then, after breakfast, started our race home. We were racing exhaustion, and I'm talking about Michael and me; Mom was fine.

However, once we came near Bryce Canyon, the fit started hitting us again. We'd never successfully seen Bryce Canyon; the first time we were here, it was raining and foggy and we couldn't see anything. So we decided to make that 30-mile round trip to see it, now that the weather was so nice.

In spite of what the map advised, we did not stop south of Bryce Canyon. Instead, we continued on and on and on…and got home at 3:30 am…on Michael's first day of school, and a day I was supposed to return to work after my vacation.

Michael slept through his classes; I begged off of work. And Mom, our 92-year-old traveler?

Mom requested a ride so she could go shopping.

To Wal-Mart.