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We arrive to an unlivable trailer and no water.

So it was with a fair level of excitment that we left our Taylor motel. Another short drive, and we'd be home!

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Our arrival at our property in Snowflake was accompanied by a mini-rainbow, known locally as a sundog.

After a long drive over dirt—not really a road—we finally arrived at the mobile home that had come with the property. Because it wasn't really livable, it hadn't been sold as a dwelling; ot was just there, on our property. But Michael and I had decided we would live in it, at least, temporarily.

However, the place was in worse shape than Michael and I had realized. Although there was a well on the property, the plumbing in the mobile home had not been connected. Of course there was no electricity, except for that propduced by a generator (needed to run the pump). There were holes in the ceiling and the walls. But at least it came with its own rainbow.

The property was high chaparral, fairly barren, not really good for farming, which we didn't plan to do anyway.

The pump house was located about 50 feet from the mobile home. A gasoline generator (which needed gasoline) stood ready to run the pump. We would have to return to town with the plastic gas can if we wanted any water.

The property, which we hadn't yet explored, looked beautiful. But we clearly could not spend the night here with Mom.

Well, we couldn't make Mom stay there. We just couldn't. But Mom's tickets to spend the next six months with my sister in Florida were already purchased, but didn't leave for another week.

So we decided to dump the trailer on the property, and headed back north with Mom. I decided to extend the trip by taking her to see some of the sights in Utah, like Zion National Park and Bryce, with maybe even a visit to Grand Canyon.

We drove north to Holbrook, where we spent the night before continuing our tour of exploration.