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Posted: 10/9/1991
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Highlights of 1991.

Mrs. Agnes E. Steinberg
c/o Manor Care
12475 Lee Jackson Hwy
Fairfax, VA 22033

Dear Mom,

We've been out every weekend. Three weeks ago, I drove my Mom to visit her best friend in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. On the way back we visited relatives in southern Vermont.

Two weeks ago Mary and my Mom and I drove to Bar Harbor, Maine. It was a long drive out there but it sure was beautiful...the prettiest place I've ever seen, even including Virginia. I hope we can go back and spend a week, maybe next summer.

Last weekend we rented a minivan and we all drove to New York City. We went to the top of the World Trade Center and took a boat out to the Statue of Liberty.  Mary has always wanted to go inside the Statue, so we did. It took two hours. It was 22 stories altogether. The first ten stories are in the pedestal, and the line moved very slowly. We would take three steps, wait five minutes, take three more steps, wait another five minutes, and so on. Finally we got to the interior of the Statue. We moved more steadily, then, but it was up a very narrow spiral stairway that corkscrewed right up through the center of the Statue. We climbed up twelve stories that way. When we finally got to the top we had about thirty seconds to look out the windows that form the Statue's crown; then we had to go back down. The spiral staircase was actually two stairs, up and down intertwined. On the way down Mary got a cramp in her leg and had to be wheeled back to the ferry in a wheelchair! It was a strenuous experience, worth it for the one time, but we wouldn't want to do it again.

Tuesday we put my Mom on the plane back to Florida. We won't see her again until spring, I guess.

Dorothy, as you may know, got her G.E.D. (Graduation Equivalency Diploma) a month or so ago. Yesterday Karen took and passed the test for hers. We are very proud of both of them, of course. Dottie is already taking courses to become a nurse's aide, and Karen is making arrangements to start junior college as well. Both girls are working (at Pizza Hut). Karen's boyfriend, D.J., also works at Pizza Hut; after just a month he's been promoted to night manager. John just brought home an excellent report card from high school, so we are happy with all the stay-at-homes.

We're sorry to hear you've decided to move to California but we respect your decision. Should you change your mind, you're always welcome with us.

Love, Paul