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Posted: 10/28/2016
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I expose my secret ballot.

For those who live in Arizona and wonder who I voted for on my early ballot, sent in today, wonder no longer. The answers are here (suitable for being printed if you need a cheat sheet)!

Federal Presidential Electors I voted, but am not happy with my choice.  
US Senator Kirkpatrick, Ann Dem
  US Representative Sinema, Kyrsten Dem
State State Senator District 28 Meyer, Eric Dem
State Representative District 28 Butler, Kelli Dem
Corporation Commission Burns, Robert "Bob" Rep
(vote for 3) Mundell, William "Bill" Dem
    Chabin, Tom Dem
County Board of Supervisors    
County Assessor    
  County Attorney Rodriguez, Diego Dem
  County Recorder Fontes, Adrian Dem
  County School Superintendent Robertson, Michelle Dem
  Sheriff Penzone, Paul Dem
  County Treasurer Downs, Joe Dem
Non-Partisan Ballot Central AZ Water Conservation District
(vote for 5)
Holway, Jim

Arboleda, Alexandra

Madison Elementary #38 Budget Increase Yes
Retain Judges? Timmer, Ann No  
Cattani, Kent No  
Winthrop, Lawrence No  
Adleman, Jay R. No  
Beene, James P. No  
Brnovich, Susan M. No  
Bustamante, Lori Horne No  
Coffey, Rodrick J. No  
Cohen, Bruce R. Yes
Cohen, Suzanne E. No  
Contes, Connie Coin Yes  
Coury, Christopher A. No  
Ditsworth, John R. No  
Flores, Lisa Daniel Yes  
Garcia, Jeanne M. Yes  
Gass, David Bruce No  
Gates, Pam No  
Gentry, Jo Lynn Yes  
Gerlach, Douglas No  
Gordon, Michael D. Yes
Hannah, John R. Yes  
Harrison, Cari A. No  
Kemp, Michael William Yes  
Kiley, Daniel J. No  
Klein, Andrew G. No  
Mahoney, Margaret R. Yes  
McCoy, M. Scott No  
McMurdie, Paul Joseph No  
McNally, Colleen Yes  
Mead, Kathleen No  
Mikitish, Joseph P. No  
Mullins, Karen A. Yes  
Oberbillig, Robert H. No  
Padilla, Jose S. Yes  
Palmer, David J. No  
Ryan, Timothy J. Yes  
Sanders, Teresa A. No  
Starr, Patricia A. No  
Stephens, Sherry K. No  
Thomason, Timothy J. No  
Thompson, Peter Allen No  
Udall, David K. No  
Whitten, Christopher T. Yes  
Propositions 205: Legalize marijuana Yes  
206: Raise minimum wage Yes  

In case you are wondering how I knew which judges to keep and which to ditch, I simply looked up each name on Ballotpedia and found when the judge was first appointed to office. If Janet Napolitano (Democrat) was governor, I kept him or her. If Jane Hull (way back in 1998) appointed the judge, I kept them if they had previously done Public Defender work. Otherwise…no.