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Posted: 10/15/2014
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In which I reveal who I voted for in the early elections and why.

Well, it's that time of year again…time to vote in the state ("midterm") elections. As I did 4 years ago, I am pleased to announce I've done my homework and made my choices…and here's what I chose.

I live in Chandler, Arizona; if you live in a different Arizona town, your ballot may contain different entries for local/city selections; and, obviously, if you live in another state, none of this will apply to you at all.

Please vote! The Republicans keep saying (over and over) that midterm elections aren't important, that there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans ("they're all corrupt!"), and that nothing will make a change anyway. They say that to convince us to not bother voting, because they know the only way they can win is if the Democrats in Arizona don't vote. Don't let them get away with it! Vote!

Partisan Ballot

I'll make this easy. I voted for every Democrat, and a couple of Libertarians where no Democrats were running. There are a couple of races in which a Republican was running unopposed; I omitted voting in those cases.


US Representative in Congress

The incumbent is the evil Matt Salmon, who contributed to the infamous government shutdown last year, and probably another one in the near future.

Vote for: James Woods



Thank the gods that Jan Brewer isn't running for re-election, though she's already done a lot of damage to our state. Yes, giving credit where it's due, she allowed the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") to be implemented in Arizona (where it's a huge success). She also vetoed SB1040, which would have enshrined homophobia in state law. (She vetoed it because practically every corporation, including the Super Bowl, warned they would avoid doing business in Arizona if it were not vetoed, but still.) But those two good things are not enough to make me want to vote for her recommendation.

Vote for: Fred Duval

State Senator, District 17

Vote for: Kristie O'Brien

State Representative, District 17

Vote for: Danielle Lee

Secretary of State

Vote for: Terry Goddard

Attorney General

Vote for: Felecia Rotellini


The Republican, Jeff Dewit, is running unopposed. I left this race blank, as I wouldn't to inflate the numbers and make the Republicans think they'd gotten a mandate.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Laughing at the idea of ever entrusting a Republican with anything to do with education…!

Vote for: David Garcia

State Mine Inspector

The Republican, Joe Hart, is running unopposed.

Corporation Commissioner

We must vote for any two.

Vote for: Sandra Kennedy and Joe Holway


County Assessor

No Democrats are running. I chose the Libertarian as the lesser of two evils.

Vote for: Becca Kielsky

Clerk of the Superior Court

No Democrats are running. I chose the Libertarian, not only because he isn't a Republican, but also because he has a truly awesome name. I mean, Skyler Farr! How cool is that?

Vote for: Skyler Farr

Justice of the Peace

The Republican is running unopposed.


The Republican is running unopposed.

Nonpartisan Ballot

Proposition 479

This proposes to raise the number of consecutive terms a councilmember may serve from 2 to 3. Yeah, right.

Vote: No


Arizona has an odd way of dealing with judges. They get appointed by the Governor, but afterwards must receive more votes for retention than not. I looked up every one of them, and my votes are mostly based on which governor appointed them.

Office Incumbent Retain?
Justice of the Supreme Court Scott Bales Yes
Robert Brutinel No
Judges of the Court of Appeals, Division 1 Randall Howe No
Diane Johnsen Yes
Samuel Thumma No
Judges of the Superior Court Mark F. Aceto Yes
Aimee L. Anderson Yes
Arthur T. Anderson No
Brad H. Astrowsky No
Cynthia J. Bailey No
Janet E. Barton Yes
Edward W. Bassett Yes
Dawn M. Bergin No
James T. Blomo No
Mark H. Brain No
Roger E. Broadman No
Bill Brotherton No
Katherine M. Cooper No
Janice K. Crawford No
David O. Cunanan No
Norman J. Davis Yes
Sally Schneider Duncan Yes
Boyd W. Dunn No
Alfred M. Fenzel Yes
Dean M. Fink Yes
George H. Foster Yes
J. Richard Gama No
Warren Granville No
Hugh Hegyi Yes
Michael John Herrod No
Bethany G. Hicks No
Carey Lee Snyder Hyatt No
Brian K. Ishikawa Yes
Joseph C. Kreamer Yes
Daniel G. Martin Yes
Rosa Mroz Yes
Sam J. Myers Yes
Benjamin R. Norris Yes
Karen L. O'Connor No
Susanna C. Pineda Yes
Jay M. Polk No
Gerald J. Porter No
John Christian Rea Yes
Peter C. Reinstein No
Emmet J. Ronan No
Joan M. Sinclair No
Pamela Hearn Svoboda No
David M. Talamante No
Danielle J. Viola No
Randall H. Warner Yes
Joseph C. Welty Yes
Proposition 122

This proposal is designed specifically to allow Arizona to ignore any Federal laws the Arizona politicians don't like. It is, itself, almost certainly unconstitutional.

Vote: No

Proposition 303

If you happen to come down with an incurable disease, and conventional treatments won't help, this proposition would require your insurance company to cover alternative, natural, and experimental treatments.

Vote: Yes

Proposition 304

This proposal would give state legislators an $11,000 a year raise. Ask me again later, guys, when you've raised the minimum wage and increased jobs in our state.

Vote: NO!!!!

Proposition 480

This is a bond proposal to raise money for our health care infrastructure, which is all but third-world quality in its present state.

Vote: Yes