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Posted: 10/21/2010
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I expose my secret ballot.

For those who live in Arizona and wonder who I voted for on my early ballot, sent in today, wonder no longer. The answers are here (suitable for being printed if you need a cheat sheet)!

Federal United States Senator Glassman, Rodney Dem
US Rep Congress District 6 Schneider, Rebecca Dem
State Governor Goddard, Terry Dem
State Senator District 22 (no one; Biggs is running unopposed)
State Representative District 22 (Write-in) Henlesy, Tim Lbt
Secretary of State Deschene, Chris Dem
Attorney General Rotellini, Felecia Dem
State Treasurer Cherny, Andrei Dem
Superintendent of Public Instruction Kotterman, Penny Dem
State Mine Inspector Cruz, Manuel Dem
Corporation Commission
(vote for 2)
Bradley, David
Garcia, Jorge Luis
County County Attorney Kielsky, Michael Lbt
Clerk of the Superior Court Williams, Sherry B. Dem
Central AZ Water Conservation District
(vote for 5)
Munson, Brian

Wilson, Sid
Yates, Andy
Bray, Tim
Fairbanks, Frank

Gilbert School District School Board (vote 2) Sacha, Blake A.
Burk, Staci K.
Mesa Proposition 420 Yes
Question 1 Yes
Question 2 Yes
Question 3 For
Question 4 For
Question 5 For
Question 6 For
Question 7 Yes
Retain Judges? Berch, Rebecca White No
Barker, Daniel A. No
Gemmill, John No
Irvine, Patrick Yes
Winthrop, Lawrence F. Yes
Aceto, Mark F. No
Anderson, Aimee L. Yes
Anderson, Arthur Thomas Yes
Barton, Janet E. Yes
Bassett, Edward W. Yes
Bergin, Dawn M. Yes
Brodman, Roger E. No
Brotherton, Bill Yes
Budoff, Robert A. Yes
Burke, Edward O. Yes
Chavez, Harriett E. Yes
Davis, Norman J. Yes
Donahoe, Gary E. Yes
Fenzel, Alfred M. No
Fink, Dean M. Yes
Foster, George. H., Jr. No
Gaines, Pendelton No
Gama, J. Richard Yes
Grant, Larry Yes
Granville, Warren James Yes
Hauser, Brian R. No
Hegyi, Hugh Yes
Heilman, Joseph B. Yes
Hicks, Bethany G. Yes
Hoag, Marion Jean No
Hyatt, Carey Snyder No
Ishikawa, Brian K. No
Jones, Michael D. No
Kreamer, Joseph C. Yes
Lee, Raymond P. Yes
Mangum J. Kenneth No
Martin, Daniel G. Yes
Mroz, Rosa Peng Yes
Myers, Sam J. Yes
Norris, Benjamin R. Yes
O'Connor, Karen L. No
Pineda, Susanna C. Yes
Rayes, Douglas L. Yes
Rea, John Christian Yes
Reinstein, Peter C. No
Ronan, Emmet J. Yes
Schneider, Sally S. Yes
Talamante, David M. Yes
Thumma, Samuel A. Yes
Verdin, Maria Del Mar No
Warner, Randall H. Yes
Welty, Joseph C. Yes
Willett, Eileen S. No
Propositions 106: Throw out health care reform No
107: Throw out affirmative action No
109: Throw out scientific management of hunting No
110: Throw out transparent oversight of public lands No
111: Throw out present method of electing governor No
112: Allow two extra months to verify signatures on petitions Yes
113: Require secret ballots in union elections Yes
203: Allow medical marijuana YES
301: Take money away from children's education fund No
302: Take money away from children's early learning fund No

In case you are wondering how I knew which judges to keep and which to ditch, the Tea Party has kindly compiled a list of judges and whether they tend to find for the conservative or liberal side of things. I marked all judges that tended to make progressive decisions (in other words, based on the actual Constitution, rather than the fantasy constitution the Tea Partiers believe in) to keep, and the others to get rid of.