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Posted: 10/1/2007
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All about our return from Connecticut.

Last year, I was so busy during the month of October that I didn't have a chance to blog at all. Near the end of the month, I began to receive emails from loyal readers I've never met, wondering if I was all right! Since this month promises to be as busy as October of last year was, I figured I would apologize in advance. But, this is October 1st; so at least, no matter how bad it gets, I will have blogged at least once in October! And the topic is, The Return From The Funeral.

Last weekend, as you know, Michael and I had to go to Connecticut for his sister's funeral. As sad an occasion as that was, it was nice to see his family members gathered together; and we did enjoy sharing stories of Dorothy Ann's amazing life and metaphysical transformation. Also, the trees were pulling off their own autumn transformation. The photo below was taken from Dorothy Ann's balcony:

Fall folliage in Connecticut. Connecticut Welcomes You. Birthplace of George W. Bush. We Apologize.

Like much of New England, Connecticut's small towns are connected by small roads. An Interstate highway does pass through the state; but it doesn't seem to go anywhere you'd want to go. Still, we did find ourselves on it briefly as we approached the airport.

The flight home on United was held under the auspices of Purgatory itself. The seats are unbelievably close together—and when you use the computer at the airport to get your boarding pass, it has the gall to offer you a seat with breathing room for about $30 extra! I didn't have the extra money, but let me tell you, "breathing room" is not an exaggeration. When the person in front of me reclined his seat, there wasn't room for me to do anything but his hair.

Also, apparently United's new policy is to sell only middle seats. Michael, his surviving sister Surya, and I were all assigned middle seats. Surya is officially handicapped and so was able to coerce the ticket agent to put her in a window seat (preferable because if the person next to her wants to get up, she won't be required to move). But we weren't able to sit together.

We transferred at Chicago, which is at least a pretty airport, especially the light-and-synthesizer display in the tunnel between the B-gates and the C-gates. And we got to ride there in a cart that is large enough to hold six passengers and their luggage, yet small enough to ride in the elevator. That was fun, in a breathless sort of way.

We arrived late Monday, so that when I got to work Tuesday morning I was still tired. And I had to work an average of ten hours each day, since I'm a "contingent" (hourly) employee and to work any fewer hours would impact my paycheck.

So that's why I didn't blog last week.

And this week, I have to finish my Chiropracticals video for October, and start on a new website for a new client, plus do my day job. So if I don't find much time to blog, well, I'm sorry.