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1999: Denmark

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 10/18/2021
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All about my first trip to Europe and how I almost didn't make it.
Denmark flag

In summer of 1999, I had an opportunity to teach a class in Europe! Which meant, I would be able to fulfill a life-long dream—to visit Europe. And that meant I might be able to visit Denmark, where some of my in-laws lived.

However, that was before I lost my passport.

Lost Passport?!

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Passport #Places Page Views: 708
How I lost my passport two days before I had to travel to Europe and lived to tell about it.

Now, the question was, what should I do? I no longer had to fly to Europe—but I had a ticket to do so, a ticket that I couldn't change. I also had no tickets back to Arizona; I would have to stay in New York somewhere if I didn't go to Europe. Celeste was willing to have me stay with her; but somehow it all seemed so line the Universe wanted me to go: I, who had never been to Europe, had unexpectedly been handed what amounted to free tickets there. I, who normally plans my vacations pretty well, had no idea where I would go or what I would do if I got there.

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Denmark By Accident

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Denmark #Travel Page Views: 721
I visit Michael's nephew's family in Denmark for my very first trip to Europe!

Approaching this other station, I saw we were proceeding down what looked like a city street. We entered a tunnel and I was amazed at how closely some 18-wheelers were parked to the train tracks. While still in this well-lit tunnel, we came to a complete stop. And then…everyone got off the train! Not only that…everyone left their stuff!!

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