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Today we took Danish friends to experience the beautiful Superstition Mountains via the scenic Apache Trail.

We have visitors from Denmark: Michael's nephew, Allan, and Allan's besties Jakob and Iben. As Keith and I love showing off our beloved Arizona, we happily participated in touring my favorite sites in the state, including the beautiful Superstition Mountains, Canyon Lake, and Tortilla Flat, all from the vantage point of the old Apache Trail.

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We here in Arizona have been getting rain from a Pacific hurricane in its death throes for a couple of days; it just started to break this morning, leaving rarely seen dramatic clouds hovering over the Superstition massiff.

These are our Danish friends: from L2R:Iben and her husband, Jakob, and their best friend (and my ex-nephew-in-law) Allan.

The ancient volcanic plugs that make up the Superstitions look gloomier than ever under the shroud of cloud.

As soon as the rain hits, the ancient lichen coating the rocks comes to life. The oldest land plants, lichen break rocks into soil, making other land plants possible.

In addition to being Jakob's wife, Iben is Jakob's muse. He is an artist, and she is his favorite model.

Our first glimpse of Canyon Lake. The lake is the result of a dam, and the power lines run electricity from the dam to Phoenix.

It was after 6 PM on a post-Labor Day weekday, so the town of Tortilla Flat was basically closed.

The story of the Lost Dutchman and the Superstition Mountains, for those who haven't heard it.

Night fell while we were still in the mountains, with the last thing we could see until the lights of Apache Junction were a couple of late kayackers enjoying their evening solitude.

Our next stop on this trip was Sedona's Bell Rock Vortex.