By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 11/30/2020
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Today we took Danish friends to experience the mind-boggling Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

We have visitors from Denmark: Michael's nephew, Allan, and Allan's besties Jakob and Iben. As Keith and I love showing off our beloved Arizona, we happily participated in touring my favorite sites in the state, including the incredible Grand Canyon.

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We took the "back" road (US 180) to Grand Canyon's South Rim. Along the way we were treated to yellow swaths of sycamore trees in their fall colors.

Iben was interested in visiting gift shops. We were tickled by the clever use of stones to continue the illusion of the iron horse.

If I had a spare $4500 and a suitable house for it, I'd love to own this jade eagle.

Teepees were not used by any Native Arizonan peoples. But that doesn't stop tourists from expecting to see them!

It's a tradition of mine that we begin the Grand Canyon tour with a portrait with Smokey the Bear.

On the way to the park entrance we passed a number of elk having lunch.

My next tradition is to begin with the view at Mather Point.

Iben, Jakob and Allan were suitably impressed.

Mather Point was surprisingly crowded.

After seeing everything we could from the Mather Point vicinity, we took the free shuttle to Grand Canyon Village.

Then I led the Danes down Bright Angel Trail for a little ways, so they could experience the Canyon from beneath the rim.

And thus our whirlwind tour of Arizona's most iconic sights completed, with us safely arriving home to some very relieved and happy dogs (cared for in our absence by our roommate, Roman) about 10:30 PM.

The Danes' trip is not over however. They will be continuing on to Las Vegas and the California coast on Saturday.