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Bahia Honda State Park

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 9/26/2021
Occurred: 2/8/2017
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Introducing Jenny and the babies to a new beach.

When Keith and I visited the Keys last year, one of our favorite spots turned out to be Bahia Honda State Park, which is on Bahia Honda Key, about 34 miles up the Overseas Highway. It has the best sandy beach in the Keys, with both Gulf- and Atlantic-side beaches. So I suggested to Jenny, who could certainly stand a break from her homemaking, that we go there; and this was the day we chose to do it.

In the morning I received greetings from a happy baby.

John Cilwa

By now the fence guys were busy removing the chainlink fence while the painters finished staining the back wooden fence.

John Cilwa

We had decided that today, I would take Jenny and the babies to Bahia Honda State Park, located on a key some 20 miles away. But such things take awhile to arrange when babies are involved. So, while Jenny prepared the things she needed, I fed Dominic and watched The Good Dinosaur—again!—with Gianna.

John Cilwa

After his bottle, Dominic fell sleep but he does that throughout the day for short periods, anyway; so that didn't hold us up.

Outside the landscapers had arrived and were getting rid of the worst of the wild bushes that had grown up around the house.

Jenny and the babies and I got in her Jeep and headed for Bahia Honda while John remained behind and laid down a new rug in the living room.

John Cilwa
John Cilwa
John Cilwa

I have no idea what the current "Best Beach In America" is, but Bahia Honda is still the nicest beach in the Keys (which do not, actually, have many sandy beaches).

Gianna was pretty matter-of-fact about the whole thing.

Watching Jenny put Dom's bathing suit on, she looked so much like her mother doing the same with John some 40 years ago.

However, Gianna was a little hesitant to go into the water. She's used to pools, but swimming in the ocean was new to her. I stood there, showing her that it was shallow enough to stand, and, after wandering about a bit, she finally joined me and then went out on her own.

Dominic, used to warm pool water, was a bit more hesitant. I had to introduce him to the coolness a little at a time.

But he got into it pretty quickly.

Some hapless seagulls landed near Gianna. What were they thinking?

"Run! Run!"

How's this for an amazing sand sculpture?

Finally, time to go home…and Gianna was out. (It was her nap time, anyway.)