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All about the last day of my 65th Birthday Trip.

This was the last day of the most exhausting yet extraordinary trip I've yet taken. Three weeks on the road, living in a tent (and a few sofas), taking so many photos my cellphone is worn out…and today, we finally came full circle and returned home.

Travel Day 25
Starting Point Farmington, New Mexico
Ending Point Phoenix, Arizona
Miles Covered 598
Estimated Driving Time 8 hours 40 minutes

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Keith's dad Ames (pronounced in two syllables, like "Amos") had his first appointment of the day at 10 AM, so we said goodbye to him and Keith's mom, and drove up to Shiprock to visit briefly with his sister Snoopy and brother Ernie. Snoppy gave us a week's supply of home-made Navajo tortillas (I'm not sure if they are any different from anyone else's tortillas), using a few to make us breakfast. Once on our way, though we made pretty good time.

And then...yayy! Arizona!

Hours from Flagstaff, Keith spotted the San Francisco Peaks (home of the Arizona Snow Bowl but also a mountain sacred to the Navajo people. It's one of the four mountains that traditionally defined the Navajo tribal lands. Since it was right in front of us and Keith was still driving, I decided to record its different appearances as we approached.

But presently, we found ourselves back in Phoenix. I could tell because we could see jets stacked up waiting to land at Sky Harbor Airport.

Vacations are awesome, road trips even more amazing…but nothing beats coming home at the end.

…Unless it's going through the photos afterwards!