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All about the sixth day of my 65th Birthday Trip.

Today's route took us from a Motel 6 with a conference room (?!) in Ohio, to our first real destination: my daughter's new home in Reston, Virginia!

Travel Day 6
Starting Point Zanesville, Ohio
Ending Point Reston, VA
Accommodations Mooching off of my daughter, Karen, and her fiancé
Miles Covered 336
Estimated Driving Time 5 hours 34 minutes

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We awoke in our Zanesville, Ohio, Motel 6, a rare one in that it actually included several conference rooms. (I laughed every time I imagined some company announcing their next seminar or retreat was to be held in a Motel 6; and in truth, the conference rooms didn't seem to be in use. But they'll leave the light on for ya!)

Although the scheduled days' travel was to include less than 6 hours' driving, we didn't try to find scenic spots, instead sticking to the highway and the occasional rest area. I have found myself appreciating the rest areas, which are now used to promote each state's scenery and history.

We entered West Virginia, briefly; we'll be returning after we visit with my Reston daughters.

We crossed part of Pennsylvania, with its gently rolling hills and plentiful farms.

Finally! Our destination. Almost.

Finally! Our destination. Almost.

We reached Reston just after sunset, and, before getting settled in Karen's guest room, took this photo of the house we used to live in when she was in grade school.

Karen and her fiancé, Rob, wanted to take Keith and me out to dinner. The place they chose, at which they'd never before eaten, was called Not Your Average Joe's, and was located in the very same location as the Macaroni Grill Karen worked at for several years as a waitress.

I'm afraid we didn't really get good photos at the restaurant, as I was so excited to see Karen and Rob, as well as Rob's twin brother, Ben. That's me with Ben, in the photo below.

The two ladies, Dawn Cunnigham and Nycole Curry, are friends of Karen's and Rob's; and that's Rob on the right with his eyes closed.

After dinner, we hung out with Karen and Rob, (watching our next scheduled episode of Star Trek: Enterprise). This was only the second time I had a chance to meet my future son-in-law, so it was very pleasant.

But we didn't stay up for long, as tomorrow's plan is for me to take Keith into Washington, D.C., to visit some of the the Smithsonion museums.