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Posted: 9/24/2017
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How to punch up an ordinary photo to make it outstanding.

Photographers have always used any tool at hand to add interest to their photographs. I'm not talking about things like thought balloons or bunny ears; I have more in mind techniques that are bit farther than adjusting overall exposure or sharpness, yet still well within what looks like a perfectly normal photo.

Ella Unleashed

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 9/25/2017
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How to use the clone brush to erase unwanted elements from your photo.

Sometimes you take a picture that's absolutely perfect, or nearly so—except for one glaring flaw. Perhaps a pigeon photo-bombed that shot of the bride and groom; or that great picture of you might be perfect for Grindr except for that wedding ring. Or, as is frequently the case with me, you might want to remove a leash from your dog that was present in reality but spoils the aesthetic. Fortunately, something like this is usually quite easy to fix.

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