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A close examination of the little-known Knee Chakra.

Rendering Unto Me The Things That Are Mine

If It Isn't Working Right…

The traditional use of the knee is to display subservience, as in kneeling or genuflecting; so it might occur to you that the knee chakra has something to do with rendering obedience to authority. Well, it does…but only when it isn't working right. That is, a low-energy knee chakra can manifest as authority problems. If your knee chakra is gummed up, you may find yourself being stopped frequently by traffic police, receiving notices from the IRS, even being challenged by every petty bureaucrat you encounter from the Department of Motor Vehicles to Kmart. Yes, even salespeople will be moved to prove their superiority over you.

Alternatively, you may experience an unhealthy knee chakra in the form of a need to pull subservience from others. That is, you may be a salesclerk at Kmart! Or, worse, an auditor for the IRS.

But, at a deeper and even more traditional level, the knees are used in gardening—that is, in planting, in agriculture. That's right; the proper use of the knee is in creating sustenance for ourselves. So, a flaky knee chakra also manifests as a lack of basic material needs, especially in proper nutrition.

Think about it: What's the purpose of subservience, but to cow loyal subjects into paying taxes—that is, to make them give the powers that be their hard-earned bread? And so, the faulty knee chakra, like the foot chakra, leads to a lack of physical well-being as well as the emptiness of the soul that knows basic needs are not being met.

And, of course, problems like these return to the knee to manifest themselves, resulting in frequent knee injuries or pains, and conditions like arthritis and even water on the knee.

What underlying attribute can lead to all these problems? In short, inflexibility. People whose own knee chakras are shaky sense this in you; they are moved to challenge your flexibility and, when you don't bend, they win and you lose in your mutual encounters, and your paycheck.

When It Is Working Right…

A properly energized knee chakra, on the other hand, reveals itself in a healthy relationship with authority figures. You'll be treated respectfully by sales clerks, and not be hounded by police in a manner out of proportion to your career choice. (In other words, numbers runners and racketeers should not expect a healthy knee chakra will prevent their eventual arrest for illegal activities. On the other hand, who knows? It might!)

As energy increases in your knee chakra, you should also experience changes in your life situation, so that you no longer lack the basic physical needs. Food and shelter should again manifest themselves in your life, to healthy levels.

Put in another way, a high-energy knee chakra allows you to give yourself permission—to give yourself the things you need.

And, yes, the effects of a healthy knee chakra—basic physical needs and a healthy relationship with authority—turn around and assure that you will not experience the weak or unhealthy knees the subconscious sometimes uses to draw attention to these areas of your life.

In a more subtle way, you'll find yourself becoming more flexible in your relationship with the Universe. Unexpected challenges won't throw you so; the quirky behavior of others will amuse rather than frustrate you.

Chakra Characteristics…

  • Color: Bronze or tan.
  • Sound: Rushing water, as in a moving river.
  • Tone: C-sharp, as played on an oboe.

The knee chakra is usually broad and flat, like a light-Frisbee passing through your knees. Although you have two knees, you have just one knee chakra; the energy has two focal points, one at each knee. Some people touch their knees together when meditating, to make it easier to concentrate.

Chakra Health

To keep this chakra healthy, try to use the knees in healthy ways. That is, kneeling to garden or in prayer. Remember that flexibility is the key word for the knee chakra; so flexing your knees gently is a good idea, as are any gentle stretching exercises involving the tendons of knee joint.

Here's one for example. Stand on your right leg, with your right hand holding something to steady yourself with, like the back of a chair. Now bend your left leg, lifting your foot behind you as high as you can, until you can grab it with your left hand. (It's best if you can hold onto your toes, but at least grab your ankle.) Pull your foot as high as you can, feeling the good stretch in your knee. Hold for 40 seconds, then repeat with the other leg.

Another excellent exercise for the knee chakra—and the knee itself—is swimming. And swimming in natural waters is better for you, psychic-energy-wise, than swimming in a chlorinated pool. For the knee chakra, moving waters, such as a river or the ocean, is best.


Begin this meditation, as with all meditations, with five deep, slow, breaths. Hold the breath for an amount of time equal to that spent inhaling, and exhale for the same amount of time. Relax your shoulders, your neck, your stomach; allow yourself to sink deeply into your chair. You are going to relax but not fall asleep. You are alert, but limp.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the deep, bronze-tan color of beach sand blazing in the sunlight. Picture yourself standing on an enormous, steep sand dune, the roar of the ocean carried to you on the salt wind. Hear the sound of an oboe playing a smooth, sultry C# wafting to you on that same wind.

Now, imagine yourself sliding down the face of the dune. You have to carry yourself lightly, your knees bent, ready to straighten or bend further as the shifting sands slip, so you don't lose your balance. Notice how you concentrate on flexibility, rather than on your knees. Your knees do the job on their own.

Now, direct your consciousness so that it leaves that spot behind your eyes and drifts through your body, traveling all the way down to the knees. There are the joints, the cartilage, the muscles and tendons. But, more: There is the weight of the body above, and the support of the shins from below. Feel this connection. It is what the knees are about.

Tell your knees you love them. Express gratitude to them for providing such wonderful balance and flexibility for all these years. Mentally feel around until you find a spot where this gratitude feels accepted and returned. That's your knee chakra. Let your focus remain there until the end of the meditation (about 20 minutes altogether); then, gently return your focus to the spot behind your eyes where it belongs. Take five deep, energizing breaths, and arise.

If you practice this meditation once every twelve days (in rotation with the other chakra meditations), you should experience more flexibility in your life and fewer problems with those above or below you in the chain of command.