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About the Authors.

Paul S. Cilwa

Paul S. Cilwa is the best-selling author of Windows Programming with Custom Controls, as well as three other books on personal computer programming. He spent more than a decade as a programmer before turning to teaching programming to corporate programmers trapped in the downsizing wars. He was a contributing editor to the late, great Windows Tech Journal and its sister newsletter Component Builder. In his spare time he backpacks, hikes, and rafts the whitewater of the Grand Canyon.

Michael Manion

Michael Manion is a holistic practitioner with twenty years’ experience. He has written and constructed training manuals for business on Wall Street in New York City and authored instruction manuals and books on body work and healing methods for private organizations. He is a licensed Massage Therapist, shiatsu practitioner and Herbalist. He has been instrumental in bringing forth ONA, an ancient technology of wholeness. He currently is an ONA Practitioner and Instructor and is writing an ancient, metaphysical history entitled The Book Of Remembrance, as well as a book on ONA.