By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/23/2021
Posted: 4/16/2013
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Let's consider the prevalence of good in the world.

Something horrible happened today…as is true most days. Bombs disrupted the Boston Marathon, an activity of innocents if ever there was one. As of this writing, three people have been reported dead. When news of this sort of broadcast, many people find themselves depressed…especially Lightworkers who had kind of hoped that all evil would have magically disappeared at midnight, December 21, 2012.

I certainly understand the feeling. It isn't easy to stay positive when the news seems so negative. We see photos or videos of the carnage and our hearts just break.

Bystanders rush a victim to safety.

So, my answer is to not focus on the negative. Whenever a tragedy like this occurs, one needn't look very hard to see the heroes who emerge: Hekoful bystanders, emergency medical technicians, police, firemen, and all the others. As awful as this photo is, it is also beautiful. Two more bombs were poised to go off, but these people didn't run—they stayed to assist the victim whose legs had been destroyed.

Yes, there was a bad person who made some bombs and killed and maimed some people. And a few months ago, a bad person shot a bunch of school kids. Makes you think it's all bad, doesn't it?

But wait—let's look at who didn't kill people. You can see it in the video feeds: All these unsung heroes, racing toward the explosions, to try and save any victims they could find. And they did save many.

Look at the uproar of Americans who are now, finally, at last, on the brink of changing the way Americans think about guns.

Look at the way Marriage Equality is sweeping the world. Who would have imagined, just a year ago, that such a revolutionary concept as tolerance would, a year later, be almost ubiquitous.

On Facebook, I have so far not read a single condemnation of any person or group regarding the Boston Marathon bombing. What I have seen is an outpouring of sentiment similar to what I'm writing now: An urging to look to the good instead of the evil. An acknowledgement that, in a world of 7 billion people, the bad apples are less than 1/100000 of a percent, vastly overwhelmed by the good people.

Every time I see an article about banking excesses, priestly pedophiles, gay bashing, animal cruelty…it gladdens me, because I am only too aware that, just a few short years ago, the same crimes were being committed but not reported. When evil happens in darkness, it goes unpunished and unmitigated. But now that the world is so flooded with Light, nothing can stay hidden for long. Those crimes have come to Light, and in the Light they can be addressed and redressed.

So, please, do not be discouraged by the reporting of crimes that makes you think things have not gotten better. Because, they have! And will continue to do so. The rise in quantum frequency is in motion and cannot be stopped.

There will always be tragedies. The World wom't come to an end, but many people's private worlds certainly will. That doesn't change the fact that the path of history continues to grow brighter and brighter. 200 years ago, most people didn't have a strong opinion about slavery (not including the slaves, of course!). Now it's hard to find anyone who would not boycott a company they knew was profiting from slave labor.

I wish I could promise a world without challenge. But, on second thought, what would then be the point? In this game of life, as in any game, the stakes must be high if there's to be any reason to keep playing. So we continue to pretend that death is final; that it all matters, Because, in this game, the next level can only be acheived when we, collectively, become outraged at the outrages, outraged enough to shake off our cloaks of indifference and apathy and actually demand change.

Want change.

Want change enough to conceive of a better world, to imagine it into being, to plan it and build it and be a part of it.

And that's all good.