By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/23/2021
Posted: 9/2/2009
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How much longer must we wait for justice and equality?

There is a certain percentage of humanity that is aware that things are shifting. "The Times, They Are A-Changin'" as Bob Dylan once put it. We are aware that humanity is on a journey to a new era, moving faster in this direction than ever before. And some of us, sometimes, find ourselves anxiously awaiting our arrival in this Brave New World. We want to see all people treat each other fairly, honestly, and with respect. We want to see hunger and disease abolished. We want to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. But when is it going to happen? We're tired of waiting! We want it now!

Anyone with kids (or who has been a kid) remembers making a road trip in which the parents are pestered: "Are we there, yet?" If the parents are wise, they advise the kids that the time will pass much faster if the kids do something else, rather than fixate on their impending arrival. They then start a game in which the kids count water towers, or cows, or people in other cars picking their noses. And sure enough, eventually, everyone arrives in one piece.

And, hopefully, some of them have at least noticed the scenery along the way.

It's the same way with the journey we're on. As Earth's quantum frequency increases, signposts appear that mark the way. Populations are killed by war or natural disaster (Earth's new frequency will not support such a large human population). Politicians find they cannot escape exposure of their crimes (increased quantum frequency, "Light", exposes all kinds of secrets). Growing numbers of people are beginning to demand an end to social imbalance (such as uneven distribution of food and medical care). Even the very loud voices of those who insist that things remain as they were is telling; those who own those voices also recognize that things are changing. Those who cannot live their lives in the Light, cling to the Dark (lower frequency). But their time here is nearing an end.

The best way to shorten the trip for yourself is just like shortening a drive for a kid: Play counting games. Those who are ready for the Light are aware, at some level, that catastrophes affecting large numbers of people are part of those peoples' soul agreements. So don't get wrapped up in them: Count them! There's an earthquake here, a tsunami there. Don't take it personally. Send Light to the survivors and then let it be.

If you want to get involved in politics for the fun of it, do so! Have a great argument for or against government involvement in health care. It won't matter in a couple of years (there won't be any illness) but it can help pass the time.

Underlying any trip as a passenger is trust in the driver that he or she knows how to get to the destination and will do so safely. This journey is no different, except that we, collectively, in our innermost Identity as God, are doing the driving.

More than ever, life is about the Journey, not the destination.

We are there, yet. Because "there" is the process, and we are here to observe and enjoy watching it unfold.

Keep your eyes open. You wouldn't want to miss anything!