By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 1/25/2020
Posted: 6/16/2009
Updated: 7/20/2017
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We Lightworkers are here to help each other. But that help should consist of reminding each other that we already have the answers we seek.

In these times of increased quantum vibration and resulting odd mental, physical and emotional ups and downs, many are turning to metaphysical sources for guidance. That's because, throughout Earth's history, we have always been taught to look outside ourselves for guidance. It doesn't even occur to most people to do otherwise.

A "paradigm" (pronounced para dime) is a framework within which one interprets everything he or she experiences. Since that's the way our brains work, paradigms have been in use long before we came up with the word. Yet it's only been since the 1960s that we humans have understood this. In recognizing that paradigms exist, it becomes possible to experience things in new ways, that is, through new paradigms, which can be intentionally formulated and considered. This is an amazing new concept and one without which the New Age wouldn't even be possible.

In fact, one could say that it is the ability to recognize and replace paradigms that forms the boundary between the "old age" and the New Age.

For example, one old paradigm tells us that God is "outside" us and outside the world; and that He needs our "help" in achieving His agenda. These are both lies, which are told by those who would have us pay for their guidance. But don't be upset with those who promulgate those lies; they are simply describing what the old paradigm forces them to perceive and believe. Atheism and the belief in a meaningless and chaotic universe is simply the result of viewing the world through another paradigm.

The thing about a paradigm, is that everything perceived through it, supports it. That's why Christian Extremists can have such a very different view of the world than a Christian moderate or an atheist. None of these people is crazy or stupid; they are just unaware that a paradigm is giving meaning to all their experience—and they are using different paradigms.

There's no way for any of us to view the world without a paradigm. Maybe someday we'll figure out a new concept for a "metaparadigm" but for now we Lightworkers will be happy if we can find a paradigm more suitable to the New Age into which we are careening. If life in the New Age is significantly different than life in the present age, those who are unable to formulate such a workable paradigm will be unable to function in the new world.

Lightworkers are not immune to passing on disinformation based on the paradigm through which they perceive. We, too, have been told from childhood that we need validation from outside sources; that Our Father Art In Heaven; that there are things He wants us to do that might not otherwise occur to us or that might be actively against our nature. And we've also been taught since babyhood that "cost" equals "value". All these concepts together constitute our cultural paradigm and yet, regardless, we also have an Inner Knowing we can't deny that urges us to new understandings.

We are now on the cusp of an entirely new era. You feel this. Everyone does, really; that's why our President was able to win an election on a theme of "change" (when people, especially seeing through the conservative paradigm, traditionally run screaming from anything new or different). And so Lightworkers, who specifically incarnated to be here, now, to assist in this transition, feel the urge to make a difference; yet our training from this lifetime inclines us to cling to the old paradigm of God Out There, with an entire set of CDs, DVDs, books and readings from the "New Age" businesses that are really just the Present Age decorated with Tarot cards.

God is, simply ALL THAT IS. That means God isn't "out there"; there is no where that God is not. For each of us that means it feels like God is within. None of us needs any go-between, interpreter, priest, rabbi or imam to tell us what God wants. It also means that what God wants, is. God can never have a desire; as it's conceived, it is created. We need never fear that we must "do something" so that God's will can be achieved. And it simply isn't possible to thwart God's will, either. All those concepts are part of the old paradigms (and they didn't actually make sense, then, either).

As Lightworkers, you and I are not here to "fix" anyone or anything. We are here to do exactly as we want to do, because we came into this life with instructions built-in. If Phil is moved to meditate in August in Tucson, that's exactly what he should do. If Bill is moved to spend August engaged in orgies in a gay bath in Tokyo, that's exactly what he should do. Every one of us is fulfilling our destiny simply by existing.

(Now, having said that, I will add that most of us Lightworkers are, in fact, moved to help people who ask, and to spread love and light as we live our days. But none of us need any urging to do that; it's simply our natures…which is what makes us Lightworkers, after all.)

God Within all beings

If you are moved to search for Oneness with others, simply meditate on God Within (I find this access point to be just below my physical heart). That inner dimensional point is where each of us connects with ALL THAT IS: Other Lightworkers, cats, dogs, Republicans, talk radio hosts, aliens, angels, and cottage cheese. I do recommend this meditation, as experiencing the sensation of Oneness is truly amazing. But don't look to me for validation on this. Try it and see if it works for you.

I believe that the paradigm of the New Age will be the realization that God is Within; that every one of us is the expression of God; that therefore none of us is more God than anyone else (or less); that "us" includes every human, animal, plant, rock, and planet in the Universe. I believe that the acceptance of this paradigm will result in a world of cooperation and mutual respect. I further believe that the increase in quantum frequency that will peak in August of the year 2017, will not support any lesser paradigm, and that therefore those unable to shift to it, will be unable to exist on Earth beyond then.

Now, this world of the New Age is going to be a lot more fun to experience than the present age. I personally think it will be worth the possibly jarring transition (not that we have the choice of opting out of what is, after all, a physical phenomenon. If you agree, you will want to start shifting your paradigm now. Look into your heart and you will know that this is true.

Paradigm shifts are traditionally difficult to achieve. But I don't believe that they must be. Lightworkers, especially, should find this one simple since it is what we came here to help do. I believe the trick is to watch your words, so that you only speak in a way that supports the new paradigm.

For example, I want to remember that God is within. To make sure my words support my beliefs, instead of just 'god' I say "God Within" (and never 'god above' or 'god in heaven').

The new paradigm will have no place for religion, dogma, or sin; no money, no corporations, no oppressive governments (think more New England town meetings than a homeowner's association). Obviously we must live in the present age as long as it endures; but if we are mentally living in the New Age we'll find the entire shift a lot less stressful.

And don't try to mix paradigms! Self-called "New Age corporations" that sell "products" for more than cost, or claim corporate organizations through which God attempts to create, are still operating under the old paradigms and thus are probably not the best guides into the New Age.

We Lightworkers are here to help each other. But that help should consist of reminding each other that we already have the answers we seek. God Within is the source of all knowledge; so look within to find it.

It's that simple.