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Posted: 11/23/2010
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Blog Entry posted November 23, 2010, in which I get my second colonic irrigation.

It's been a little over three years since I had my first and (until today) only colonic irrigation. That experience, while not dreadful, was marred by the symbolic presence of professional douche bag Ann Coulter. So I wasn't in a rush to get another one.

However, in my journey towards detoxification, Dr. Crinnion has expressed concern over something I've been proud of: That I never get colds or flu. Apparently this is a symptom of something called immunotoxicity. Apparently the immune system can become so saturated with toxins that it becomes compromised. So, while I thought I had a great immune system because I never get sick, actually I was simply never showing any symptoms because my immune system was too weak to mount a defense against infections.

The hydrocolonic station at the SCNM clinic.So we're stepping up our efforts to get the toxins out. In addition to my biweekly IVs of chelating chemicals designed to remove heavy metals from my system, Dr. Crinnion wants me to have three hydrocolonics, or colonic irrigations, a week for the next few weeks.

That's really expensive. We compromised on two a week. And I had my first one today.

I was a little nervous about having a woman administer the colonic. As I explained to Dr. Crinnion, when it comes to having things stuck up my butt, I'm much more used to guys doing it.

But the lady, Sherry, who actually did the job really had the knack of putting me at ease. It was obvious she has the healing touch.

There was no serious discomfort when she inserted the nozzle. And this procedure was different from my first time; once the nozzle was inserted, she had me lie on my back. There was a comfortable pillow; and (unlike my first experience) there was no sensation of leakage.

She would flow water into me and allow it to come out, carrying whatever wastes were loosened by the process. I could actually see the particles pass through a clear plastic tube in the unit at the foot of the bed. I didn't have to watch, but Sherry asked if I wanted to and when I answered in the affirmative she adjusted my pillow so I could do so easily.

After a few cycles, more interesting-looking stuff started coming out, which Sherry said were liver products, yellow-brown cloudy stuff.

The session lasted about 40 minutes; afterwards I sat on the toilet but nothing interesting happened there; I guess everything that was going to move, had moved.

Because of Thanksgiving, my next session won't be until next week (Tuesday, and then again on Thursday). The idea is, it takes a number of sessions to loosen really impacted matter that may well have been lining my intestines for decades.

But that's a lofty goal. More to the point is, I now have room for more turkey!