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Posted: 6/16/2010
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All about every toxin to which I've been exposed.

My upcoming appointment with Dr. Crinnion's office comes with a request that I pre-fill out an 11-page questionnaire. This document is intended to give the examiner a feel for my life-long toxin exposure…a tricky task, since, as we go through our day-to-day lives, we don't usually tally our exposure to various environmental toxins which, by definition, always surround us.

The form I downloaded from SCNM's website included two tables, one for my residence history, one for my job history. Given that I am 59 and have literally lived in nearly three dozen different locations, with at least as many different jobs, it didn't seem to me that the form would be adequate. So I mimicked both online.

Residence History

Location Dates City, Suburb, Rural Amount of Traffic Age of Building Type of Residence Known Exposures Moved for Health Reasons?
Styertowne Apartments
Styertowne, NJ
1951-1952 Apt The apartment above ours caught fire. Mom smoked. N
MacArthur Avenue
Garfield, NJ
1952-1958 City Moderate N/A Converted factory Building had been a rubber tool factory.

Mom smoked. Mothballs.

River Road
Victory, VT
1958-1961 Rural Almost none 100 years Farmhouse Lived in house through remodeling (new wood, drywall, paint, shingles); kerosene oil lamps (I cleaned and filled them; kerosene stored in back room tank). Lead pipes.

Mom smoked. I played with liquid mercury (fun to smear it on fingers). Oil heat, gas heat. Wood stove, oil stove, gas stove. Gas refrigerator. Mothballs.

Val's Motel
Concord, VT
Winters 1959, 1960 Rural Little N/A Efficiency Apt Mom smoked. N
St. George Street
St. Augustine, FL
1961-1963 City Little 50 years House My room was a remodeled porch, work done when we moved in.

Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa all smoked. Mothballs.

B Street
St. Augustine Beach, FL
1963-1968 Suburb Almost none 0 years (new house) House Nightly visits by mosquito control truck all summer; we used to run after the truck and let it spray us.

Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa all smoked. Mom sprayed Lysol liberally, 409, etc.

Sevilla St.
St. Augustine, FL
1968-1971 City Little 40 years? House Brand-new sofa bed; I did woodworking in school and built some furniture. Mom and Grandpa all smoked. Mom sprayed Lysol liberally. N
Laurel St.
Palatka, FL
1972 City Moderate N/A Garage apartment (but no cars stored while we were there) N
Breezy Brae Trailer Park
Wildwood Dr.
St. Augustine, FL
1972 Rural Almost none 5 years? Mobile home N
San Sebastian Av.
St. Augustine, FL
1972 City Just off highway N/A Apt in converted house N
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 1973-1974 City Moderate N/A Garden Apt N
Great Lakes NTC
1974-1975 Moderate Old House Various shots, chemicals, tools, etc. N
USS Yosemite 1975 Ship Ship All kinds of fuels, smells, solvents, etc. N
Bakersfield, FL 1976-1977 Rural Little, but what there was, was diesel equipment 40 years ? House Insect repellent (lots). Gas heat. N
W 15th St
Panama City, FL
1977 City (Park) Some diesel equipment exposure 40 years ? House Gas heat. N
Pensacola, FL 1978-1979 City Little 7 years ? Mobile home N
Manassas, VA 1979-1980 City Little N/A Townhouse New foam mattress. N
Omaha, NE 1980-1981 City Moderate N/A Apt N
Blair, NE 1981-1982 Town Moderate ancient House Mold. N
Elkton, FL 1982 Rural Almost none 7 years ? Mobile home Insect repellent. N
Silver Spring, MD 1983 Suburb Moderate N//A Apt N
Inlet Court
Reston, VA
1983-1985 Suburb Moderate N/A Townhouse Waterbed. N
Bluefish Lane
Fort Myers, FL
1986 City Moderate N/A Townhouse Waterbed. N
Winterthur Apartments
Winterthur Ln
Reston, VA
1987 Suburb Moderate N/A Apt Chlorinated pool.


Deep Wood
Reston, VA
1988-1989 Suburb Moderate N/A Townhouse Waterbed. Fireplace (rarely used). N
various places in Florida 1990 Suburb Moderate N/A Apt Several new apartments; chlorinated pools. Waterbed. N
Countryside Village
Village Circle Way
Manchester, NH 03102
1991-1992 Outskirts Little N/A Apt When my mother stayed with me, frequent and liberal use of Lysol. Waterbed. N
Eagle Nest Way
Manchester, NH
1992-1997 Hilltop Little (but adjacent to highway) 10 years? Townhouse Waterbed. N
Snowflake, AZ Sep-Dec 1997 Rural None ancient Mobile home Beneath mobile home, piles of rat feces. Gas stove. Gas refrigerator. N
Miller Trail Road
Snowflake, AZ
1998-1999 Rural Almost none 10 years? Manufactured home N
Greenbrian Rd
Peoria, AZ 85382
1999-2001 City Moderate N/A House Mom's Lysol. Glade plug-ins air freshener. Febreze. Commercial pest control treatments. N
N 90th Lane
Peoria, AZ 85381
2001-2005 City Little N/A House Mom's Lysol. Pets sprayed for fleas; flea collars. Glade plug-ins air freshener. Febreze. Commercial pest control treatments. N
E Lobo Ave
Mesa, AZ 85209
2005-2009 Suburb Little 4 years House Pets sprayed for fleas; flea collars. Glade plug-ins air freshener.

Febreze. Commercial pest control treatments.

E Natal Ave
Mesa, AZ 85209
2009- Suburb Little 10 years House On golf course, with pool. Pets have flea collars. Glade plug-ins air freshener.

Febreze. Commercial pest control treatments.


Employment History

Workplace Dates Full-Time (Y/N) Type of Industry Job Duties Known Exposures Protective Equipment Missed Work for Health Reasons?
Stanley Chair Company 10/1969 - 12/1969 Y Furniture Manufacturer Cushion-Stuffer Foam rubber, Polyurethane foam, formaldehyde, dust None N
Sears 1/1970 - 3/1970 Y Auto Parts Department Inventory Oils, cleaners None N
Hungry Pelican 2/1972 - 3/1972 N Fast Food Restaurant Cook, Cashier Cooking oils, degreasers None N
Palm Coast 4/1972 - 5/1972 Y Real Estate Tour Guide None N
WAOC 6/1972 - 12/1972 Y Radio Station Disc Jockey None N
Hollywood Elevator Cab Company 1 week in January, 1973 Y Manufacturing Various Spray laminate Goggles N
King Pest Control 4/1973 - 3/1974 Y Pest Control Technician Various insecticides None N
security company 5-1974 - 7/1974 Y Security Guard Watch railroad car in woods to make sure no one stole it An incident in which I accidentally Maced myself None N
US Navy 8/1974 - 12/1975 Y Electronics Technician Recruit, Trainee, then repaired electronic equipment Shipboard environment: Diesel fumes, solvents, etc.

Once got seriously shocked by electricity.

None N
Florida State Division of Forestry 1976 - 1977 Y Fire Control Dispatcher Climb fire tower, spot fires, radio rangers to put them out Insecticide to kill wasps in tower; diesel fumes; once or twice exposed to forest fire smoke None Y (Kidney Stone)
Student / Environmental Protection Agency 1978 - 1979 Y Computer Programmer Designed and wrote computer programs None N
Self-Employed 1979 - 1985 Y Computer Programmer Designed and wrote computer programs None Y (Kidney Stone)
GBSI 1986 Y Computer Programmer

Designed and wrote computer programs Worked in a factory-like environment, with various chemicals and exposure to paper dust and cigarette smoke None N
Self-Employed 1987 - 1993 Y Computer Programmer

Designed and wrote computer programs None N
Self-Employed 1993 - 2001 Y Corporate Instructor Taught one-week programming courses all over US, plus Canada, Mexico and Germany Various environments including factories, offices, weekly air travel None N
Schneider National Carriers 2002 - 2003 Y Truck Driver Drove a "big rig" up and down west coast Diesel fumes, plus one incident of spraying diesel on myself (got in eyes, nose, mouth) None Y (Got a double hernia on the job)
Self-Employed 2003 - 2004 Y Computer Programmer Designed and wrote computer programs None Y (Developed cellulitis, spent week in hospital)
Self-Employed 2005 Y Computer Programmer Designed and wrote computer programs Building had moldy smell None N (But developed severe red eye that never really went away)
Self-Employed 2006 - present Y Computer Programmer Designed and wrote computer programs None N (and everyone else in my building is constantly sick) (I do usually sneeze in the building though)