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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind


By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 10/18/2021
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All about my personal experiences and opinions regarding hypnosis.

At first glance, hypnosis seems like it comes out of left-field. It isn't a chemical-based protocol, like a pharmaceutical; yet it can be used as an anesthesia, to promote health, and even to treat some illnesses. It isn't analogous to lengthy psychiatric evaluations, yet it can be used to explore and treat psychological problems. It sometimes seems more like magic than science, but that's only because it hasn't yet been studied to the same depths as, say, a new drug. But none of that justifies ignoring what hypnosis can do for you.

In this section you'll find posts I've written describing what is currently known about hypnosis, how to conduct a self-hypnotic session, and more.

Hypnosis In Medicine

By: Morey Bernstein Posted: 7/19/2007
Topics: #BrideyMurphy #Health #Hypnosis #MoreyBernstein Page Views: 3935
A short list of the many uses of medical hypnosis.

The Search For Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein was originally published in 1956. The last time it saw print was almost 15 years ago, in 1993. The original is now out-of-copyright; and since copyright law was intended to protect the rights of a work's author, and not to suppress the work, I feel it is morally right to make at least parts of it available here.

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Suppression of Hypnosis

By: Morey Bernstein Posted: 7/20/2007
Topics: #BrideyMurphy #Hypnosis #MassMedia #Metaphysics #MoreyBernstein Page Views: 4587
Why Isn't Hypnotism More Widely Used?

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