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Occurred: 8/28/2019
Posted: 8/30/2019
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All the pictures of my recent eyelid & eyebag surgery.

'Way back in 1995, I began to notice that bags were forming beneath my eyes and went to see a plastic surgeon about it. He explained they were likely due to cumulative sun damage. And it's true; I was raised in Florida and spent my high school summers as a lifeguard…never with any sunscreen.

The doctor also pointed out that if the eye bags were removed (a procedure known as a belpharoplasty), they would likely return in 5 to 10 years. And, given that I was too busy to take off two weeks for recovery, and didn't really care that much (if I had, wouldn't I have simply put on the sunscreen?), I just never got around to having it done.

Until now, almost a quarter-century later. I figured, I've already saved so much by not having it done before, I could afford to have it done now. (Especially when I was offered the surgery as a gift!) At this point, it's just a remaining item for the old bucket list.

So, on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, I voluntarily went under the knife…all in the name of beauty.