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Hunkering down in paradise.

Was it a Chinese plot? Was the Illuminati behind it? Did utterly incompetent leadership make it worse? The answers to these questions are irrelevant, because we've got it, it's here, and the population of the Earth is spending a few weeks or months or years "hunkering down", isolating ourselves to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

In my case, the closing down of Corporation Earth coincided with a long-planned move to remote property on Maui. Although it wasn't because of the coronavirus, by some bizarre set of circumstances, during the worst of this we're going to be living off the grid, with very limited exposure to other human beings but also very limited access to modern conveniences (such as electricity and running water). While others are worried about no toilet paper, we had no toilet.

But it occurs to me that people might find interest in the building of a life that's mostly off-the-grid, as we're doing, whether in the time of the coronavirus or not. And I have fewer distractions than I did living in Arizona. So I figured I would blog my experiences, dark feelings as well as light, and with lots of photos.

Sharing Our Space With Critters

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 10/6/2020
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We weren't here first, and we won't be here last.

The major difference, I think, between living in a house and camping, is that a house can be imagined as an airtight, bug-free, unrodented container that holds the outside, natural world at bay. No house is, of course; but as long as the roaches keep to themselves and the mice remain in the walls, the illusion can be maintained. That's not true when one has been camping in a utility shed for over six months.

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Freed By The Sun

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 10/5/2020
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Solar power (finally) lives up to its promise.

I'm almost afraid to say anything, but the last I had to run the generator was yesterday morning before sunrise. Our charger isn't working 100% (more like 10%) and the solar panel charge controller was down so we haven't been going through the night without the inverter shutting down with a whistle that doesn't stop until Iget out of bed and turn it off.

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Water Falls

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 10/1/2020
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First down from the sky, then down the side of the mountain.

Today was a rainy, foggy day on our side of the mountain. Nevertheless, Keith and I wanted to get out. So we took a drive to nearby Three Bears Waterfall to take a few pictures.

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September 2020: Isolation Month 7

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This was the month tourism reopened, slightly, with the expected result of incresed new cases.

By the end of September, Hawaii's Governor David Ige signed a 13th supplementary emergency proclamation that extended the COVID-19 emergency period through the end of October. The emergency proclamation left in place the 14-day mandatory quarantine requirement for out-of-state travelers. However, beginning October 15th, a pre-travel testing option will allow travelers an alternative to the mandatory 14-day quarantine (much as happened with our dogs).

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August 2020: Isolation Month 6

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The month began with planting bananas, and ended with cows attacking them.

This was the month that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was held despite all warnings, producing an extra 250,000 coronavirus cases and costing us taxpayers something like $16 million in medical costs, not to mention an additional 1000 deaths, thus proving that #Trumpsters are, indeed, the selfish fucking bastards we all knew they were. However, here in Maui the disease seems to remain pretty well controlled, thanks to our Democratic governor and mayor, and a cooperative populace that has always understood the value of living together without harm.

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July 2020: Isolation Month 5

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The month began with a life-changing realization amd ended with a hurricane.

I began the month of July with my coming to a chilling realization as to how close to death I had actually come. But I also recovered quickly. which allowed us to spend some time at local beaches (virtually deserted). But the month threatened to end with many deaths as a hurricane followed a rare path to the Hawaiian islands.

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June 2020: Isolation Fourth Month

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Many projects come to fruition, new ones are started and we add a medical emergency for spice.

By June Keith and I were settled in for the long haul. We've accepted that this will be our way of life indefinitely. Of course, when one's way of life is in paradise, that's hard to complain about! However, the month ended with me in the hospital. Still, it was a hospital in paradise!

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May, 2020: Isolation Third Month

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Home improvements.

With my daughter's family in Arizona, which I was watching with increased concern as its Republican governor Doug Ducey was in lockstep with Trump, pretending that nothing was wrong while allowing people to not use masks or, indeed, take any precautions at all, Keith and I settled in to making use of the various resources on the property to make our living conditions more enjoyable. My left foot remained more swollen than usual but other than that I felt great, egetting tan and losing weight by virtue of actual, real-world exercise. But inside, germs were percolating.

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April, 2020: Isolation Second Month

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Keith and I settle in.

We spent most of the month of April, Maui's first full shutdown month, exploring our property and getting used to long-term camping, as well as saying goodbye to Jenny and the kids, who found a way to return to Arizona. Also, I got sick. At the time I thought it was simple food poisoning and it may well have been, at least, partially. But months later it would come back to haunt me.

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March, 2020: Isolation First Month

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While Resident Trump knew about the Coronavirus last year, he sat on the information while the rest of us went about our lives. And then…

As previously mentioned, we intended all along to move to my daughter's property in Maui. In fact, we'd hoped to be there last year! But Jenny was having a fancy bamboo hut made for us, and there were design and technical issues that prevented that from happening any time soon. She and the kids (adult grandson Zach and toddlers Gianna and Dominic) came out for Spring Break. They had constructed some metal-and-plastic sheds, large enough for a tiny home, and my husband, Keith, and I made final plans to leave.

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January, 2020: Moving to Maui

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 1/1/2020
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A little piece of Heaven on an island in the sea.

My daughter, Jenny, has purchased land in Hawaii, on the island of Maui, of sufficient acreage for the whole family to retire on someday. And, since I'm already retired, that means, me, first! The property is approximately 28 acres just northwest of the town of Hana on the Maui Coast. Here's a quick look at the property.

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