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Life in the Time of Coronavirus

By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 10/18/2021
Topics/Keywords: #Coronavius #Health #Maui Page Views: 1233
Hunkering down in paradise.

Was it a Chinese plot? Was the Illuminati behind it? Did utterly incompetent leadership make it worse? The answers to these questions are irrelevant, because we've got it, it's here, and the population of the Earth is spending a few weeks or months or years "hunkering down", isolating ourselves to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

In my case, the closing down of Corporation Earth coincided with a long-planned move to remote property on Maui. Although it wasn't because of the coronavirus, by some bizarre set of circumstances, during the worst of this we're going to be living off the grid, with very limited exposure to other human beings but also very limited access to modern conveniences (such as electricity and running water). While others are worried about no toilet paper, we had no toilet.

But it occurs to me that people might find interest in the building of a life that's mostly off-the-grid, as we're doing, whether in the time of the coronavirus or not. And I have fewer distractions than I did living in Arizona. So I figured I would blog my experiences, dark feelings as well as light, and with lots of photos.

September Cottage Progress

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/28/2021
Topics: #Coronavirua #Maui Page Views: 130
That two-week job is taking over a month.

I have, of course, been taking photos each day (that I'm home) of the bamboo cottage that's been under construction for over a month. However, instead of posting them each day, I thought it would be more interesting to see them all together so comparisons can be made.

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Lilly and Ella At Home

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/11/2021
Topics: #Coronavirua #Ella #Lilly #Maui Page Views: 118
'It's a dog's life' doesn't have to be a bad thing.

So we've moved…sort of…from the shed on Lot D in which we were camping, to a smaller shed on Lot C where we'll also be camping, until our cottage is finally completed. I may have been worried that our dogs, Lilly and Ella, might find the move stressful or, at least, confusing. But I needn't have worried. Whether in one shed or another, or car camping, they seem to be home wherever we are, as long as we're together.

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Papalaua By Jupiter

By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/8/2021
Topics: #Coronavirua #Maui Page Views: 110
Camping under an astrological event.

We rode to the "other side" to do a little Doordashing, and as usual spent the night car camping at Papalaua Beach. But this time the skies held something of interest.

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By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/8/2021
Topics: #Coronavirus #Covidiots #Iceland #Maui.AnastasiaIsland Page Views: 166
Most people long for a special island.

I think we're drawn to islands, both geological and sociological, because they represent both freedom and security. In the wild, freedom is dangerous, because one never knows when an action might trigger an unexpected and deadly consequence. But in an enclosed environment, dangers are already known and one subconsciously avoids doing something that would likely be disastrous.

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By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/2/2021
Topics: #Coronavirus #Covidiots #HumanSubspecies Page Views: 219
Why 60% of humanity cannot understand the other 40%.

Most people, even if they paid little attention in high school biology, have a working understanding of the concept of species. That is, they understand that animals of two different species cannot mate, or at least, cannot mate and produce babies. Or, if somehow they do, the babies will not be able to have babies of their own (as is the case with the offspring of a horse and a donkey; we actually call all such infertile inter-species offspring "mules"). However, those who did pay attention know there's a lot more to it than that. And in those extra details you may find an explanation for the otherwise inexplicable behavior of the intentionally un-vaxxed "covidiots" so eagerly killing themselves for no good reason.

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By: Paul S. Cilwa Occurred: 9/2/2021
Topics: #Coronavirus #Covidiots Page Views: 173
Where I expect to go with this blog.

We have now passed the 18 month mark of global health crisis, if one assumes the pandemic started in March, 2020, with the shutdowns. (Of course, COVID-19 entered the wild much earlier than that; but it wasn't recognized as a serious threat until around March.) I've been using this blog space to describe, mostly, what moving to Maui has been like, since the disease hasn't previously affected the island too much. But that is changing. Plus, I've taken so many photos of the beaches and other sights here that they are starting to look alike. (The photos, not the beaches.) So I've ben trying to decide in what direction to take this blog.

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August 2021: Pandemic Month 18

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 159
Th calm before the predicted September storm.

Cases have increased recently and are extremely high: The total reported for the past week was the highest of the pandemic. The number of hospitalized Covid patients has also risen in the Maui County area. (Maui County includes the islands of Maui, Lanai, Molokai, and uninhabited Ko'ohave.) Deaths have remained at about the same level. The test positivity rate in Maui County is high, suggesting that cases may be undercounted. Because of high spread, the CDC recommends that even vaccinated people wear masks here.

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July 2021: Pandemic Month 17

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 154
And relief from the evil of the Republican Party comes from an unlikely source: Republicans.

The state Department of Health reports that there were 485 additional COVID-19 cases in Hawai'i on Saturday. Today’s total is the largest single day total for Hawai'i since the pandemic began.

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June 2021: Pandemic Month 16

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 200
You would never guess to look around that people are still dying of this thing.

I spent the month in Arizona, where no one wears masks and new cases are soaring. Here in Hawaii, cases are few but everyone is still required to wear masks indoors or in crowds, wxcept when eating. Our statewide vaccination rate is near 60%, and only vaccinated people are allowed in the state without quarantine.

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May 2021: Isolation Month 15

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 377
Complacency sets in.

Here in Hawaii, through May 28, 2021, an estimated 1,513,894 doses of vaccine had been administered statewide, including 248,047 pharmacy doses, 154,801 federal agency doses, and 1,111,046 state doses Hawai‘i. The state’s total population is 1,415,857. The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) reports that 58 percent of the state population has had one dose of vaccination, and 51 percent have completed full vaccination. That puts Hawaii just below Vermont in terms of getting vaccinated.

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April 2021: Isolation Month 14

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 329
Cases continue to decline in some places while increasing in others. Guess what kind of leadership sees declines?

Here in Hawaii, on April 23, 2021, the state Department of Health reports that there were 122 additional COVID-19 cases reported in Hawai‘i on Sunday, including 98 on O‘ahu, 12 on Maui, six on Hawai‘i Island, three on Kaua‘i, and three in Hawai‘i residents diagnosed while out of state. There were a total of 1,109 cases logged over the past two weeks, 211 of them in Maui County.

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March 2021: Isolation Month 13

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 320
And the pandemic continues…

On the world stage, the United States continued to lead the world in COVID-19 cases and deaths. Every country in this month's top fifteen list of worst hit, are countries with conservative leadership when the pandemic hit. Every other nation on Earth has it coming under control.

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February 2021: Isolation Month 12

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 310
Happiness is elusive, even in Paradise.

The good news is, we now have a President who doesn't seem to be doing his best not to kill as many Americans as possible. And this, despite Trump's failed revolution and the desperate moves of his seditious followers. By the end of January, President Biden had undone most or all of Trump's "executive orders" and demonstrated a reliance on science instead of wishful thinking as the best approach to dealing with this pandemic.

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January 2021: Isolation Month 11

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 338
It's a new dawn, a new day, a new life.

The good news is, we now have a President who doesn't seem to be doing his best not to kill as many Americans as possible. And this, despite Trump's failed revolution and the desperate moves of his seditious followers. By the end of January, President Biden had undone most or all of Trump's "executive orders" and demonstrated a reliance on science instead of wishful thinking as the best approach to dealing with this pandemic.

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December 2020: Isolation Month 10

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 373
It's beginning to feel not at all like Christmas.

While the cynic in me says this is just "God's way of getting rid of the stupid ones", the empath in me is broken-hearted that such supidity mixed with arrogance can exist, and furious at people who should know better. What's worse, the #Trumpsters have turned it into a political statement and refuse to mask up on that basis. While this is actually a good thing—the more stupid racists who die, means we'll have fewer stupid racists to deal with—it still means that smarter, masked people have to be extra careful to avoid these Typhoid Marys (COVID Donalds?).

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November 2020: Isolation Month 9

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 352
I spent half the month waiting for my grandchildren to visit, and the other half enjoying their visit.

This was the month Donald Trump lost the election—not just once, but nearly 50 times, as one frivolous lawsuit after another was ridiculed out of court. And, often by judges Trump himself had appointed!—which made it all the more delicious.

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October 2020: Isolation Month 8

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 347
With tourisim reopened, I was able to make money Doordashing. But the number of new cases has also gone up.

This was the month Donald Trump pretended to have caught COVID-19 so he could brag about how he recovered from it faster than anyone in the history of the Universe. Meanwhile, however, half of his staff and family caught it for reals at his superspreader event in the White House Rose Garden.

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September 2020: Isolation Month 7

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 386
This was the month tourism reopened, slightly, with the expected result of incresed new cases.

By the end of September, Hawaii's Governor David Ige signed a 13th supplementary emergency proclamation that extended the COVID-19 emergency period through the end of October. The emergency proclamation left in place the 14-day mandatory quarantine requirement for out-of-state travelers. However, beginning October 15th, a pre-travel testing option will allow travelers an alternative to the mandatory 14-day quarantine (much as happened with our dogs).

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August 2020: Isolation Month 6

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 424
The month began with planting bananas, and ended with cows attacking them.

This was the month that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was held despite all warnings, producing an extra 250,000 coronavirus cases and costing us taxpayers something like $16 million in medical costs, not to mention an additional 1000 deaths, thus proving that #Trumpsters are, indeed, the selfish fucking bastards we all knew they were. However, here in Maui the disease seems to remain pretty well controlled, thanks to our Democratic governor and mayor, and a cooperative populace that has always understood the value of living together without harm.

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July 2020: Isolation Month 5

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 501
The month began with a life-changing realization amd ended with a hurricane.

I began the month of July with my coming to a chilling realization as to how close to death I had actually come. But I also recovered quickly. which allowed us to spend some time at local beaches (virtually deserted). But the month threatened to end with many deaths as a hurricane followed a rare path to the Hawaiian islands.

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June 2020: Isolation Fourth Month

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 500
Many projects come to fruition, new ones are started and we add a medical emergency for spice.

By June Keith and I were settled in for the long haul. We've accepted that this will be our way of life indefinitely. Of course, when one's way of life is in paradise, that's hard to complain about! However, the month ended with me in the hospital. Still, it was a hospital in paradise!

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May, 2020: Isolation Third Month

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 507
Home improvements.

With my daughter's family in Arizona, which I was watching with increased concern as its Republican governor Doug Ducey was in lockstep with Trump, pretending that nothing was wrong while allowing people to not use masks or, indeed, take any precautions at all, Keith and I settled in to making use of the various resources on the property to make our living conditions more enjoyable. My left foot remained more swollen than usual but other than that I felt great, egetting tan and losing weight by virtue of actual, real-world exercise. But inside, germs were percolating.

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April, 2020: Isolation Second Month

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 531
Keith and I settle in.

We spent most of the month of April, Maui's first full shutdown month, exploring our property and getting used to long-term camping, as well as saying goodbye to Jenny and the kids, who found a way to return to Arizona. Also, I got sick. At the time I thought it was simple food poisoning and it may well have been, at least, partially. But months later it would come back to haunt me.

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March, 2020: Isolation First Month

By: Paul S. Cilwa Topics: #Coronavirus #Maui Page Views: 522
While Resident Trump knew about the Coronavirus last year, he sat on the information while the rest of us went about our lives. And then…

As previously mentioned, we intended all along to move to my daughter's property in Maui. In fact, we'd hoped to be there last year! But Jenny was having a fancy bamboo hut made for us, and there were design and technical issues that prevented that from happening any time soon. She and the kids (adult grandson Zach and toddlers Gianna and Dominic) came out for Spring Break. They had constructed some metal-and-plastic sheds, large enough for a tiny home, and my husband, Keith, and I made final plans to leave.

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January, 2020: Moving to Maui

By: Paul S. Cilwa Posted: 1/1/2020
Page Views: 519
A little piece of Heaven on an island in the sea.

My daughter, Jenny, has purchased land in Hawaii, on the island of Maui, of sufficient acreage for the whole family to retire on someday. And, since I'm already retired, that means, me, first! The property is approximately 28 acres just northwest of the town of Hana on the Maui Coast. Here's a quick look at the property.

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