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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind


By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/17/2021
Posted: 3/18/2021
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It's been a year to the day.

Talk about time flying when you're having fun.

I moved here to Maui exact, of course,ly one year ago today. In many ways, it feels like just a few weeks ago; while, in others, I feel like I've been here forever.

And this is also the one year anniversary of the Corornavirus shutdown.

Thanks to the Orange Blunder who was defiling the Oval Office until recently, over half a million Americans are dead now that would not have been, had he not lied about its seriousness—s demonstrated by the fact, now revealed, that he himself took a vaccine when first developed! (And long before he claimed to have actually caught COVID-19, but miraculously "got over it" after a few days.)

However, he's gone now. And in less than a month, I'll be eligible for the vaccine under Hawaii's rules, which currently are giving them to non-essential folk like me who are 70 or over. (My 70th birthday is in April.)

Since we moved here, we've gotten used to a new normal. We never experienced our former home in Arizona since the shutdown, so have no idea what it's like now. Likewise, we'd never lived in Maui before shutdown, so don't really know what everyday life was like here, then. (Keith and I made a visit here a year before we moved, and I'd been here several times before that. But never did I have to go through the motions of local grocery shopping or having to balance our use of electricity with the avaiable sunlight.

Am I getting tired of living in a rather small cabin? Well…maybe a little. It has gotten so cluttered in the past few months it looks like a poster for the TV show Hoarders. It's not that Keith and I are such slobs. Well, we are, but it's mostly because there simply aren't enough drawers and cubbyholes to store everything.

But I'm not tired of living in Maui! (Or of living with Keith!) And perhaps someday soon I'll find a way to organize things.