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A Million Little Pieces Of My Mind


By: Paul S. Cilwa Viewed: 4/17/2021
Occurred: 2/27/2021
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Music To Chew Cud By

My grandson is an accompished musician and composer (having been paid professionally to do those things). So of course he has a music studio set up in his little container (also known as the "Zach Shack". And of course he plays the music loud? Why not? Ain't nobody out here anyway but the cows.

Irresistably drawn to the strains of melodic magic, they come of an afternoon for the free concert.

Seriously, studies have shown that bovines hear and respond to human music. This could be because their range of hearing overlaps ours, or perhaps they make up tunes in their heads while grazing. In any case, dairy cows have been documented as producing more milk when music is played in their barn. (They also seemed to prefer classical music to heavy metal…but who doesn't?

These aren't dairy cows; someday, at the end of their lives, they will become expensive grass-fed hamburgers. But meanwhile, they are living their best lives, complete with complimentary entertainment.